Staying at Belizean Dreams Resort? Double Your Fun at Manta Island Resort

Double Fun Belize Vacation

It’s a concept that’s becoming more popular with avid travelers: The split vacation. Splitting time between two destinations offers endless benefits—especially for those who have so many responsibilities back home, just getting away can be a hat trick.

What’s a split vacation? It’s your opportunity to experience more than one location while only one property takes care of the logistics and arrangements that get the ball rolling. In Belize, one of the very best ways to take advantage of this fabulous option is to start off at Belizean Dreams Resort located in Hopkins, and then finish your sojourn at the Manta Island Resort. Sound complicated? It’s not. And advantages you enjoy are amazing.

Why stay at these two resorts?

  • Because you’re booking with one management company, so reservation making is streamlined.
  • You get to explore the mainland since Belizean Dreams is close to lots of attractions.
  • Enjoy a laid-back experience in Hopkins, a cultural epicenter tourists find fascinating.
  • The food, amenities, and extras offered at Belizean Dreams are terrific.
  • The transfer to Manta Island Resort is seamless, fast, and effortless.
  • Guests quickly adjust to island time while sojourning on this secluded atoll.
  • Friends will envy your clever plan that delivers an idyllic mix of Belize’s natural wonders.
  • It’s a luxury you can afford because while you only need buy a single plane ticket, you pay just one price for this opportunity to double your pleasure at two outstanding properties.
Belize Dreams and Manta Island Combination Stay
Belizean Dreams Resort

Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity

Belizean Dreams staffers want you to know how it feels to lodge at the best resorts in Belize, thus they designed a combo vacation that gives you an authentic experience that’s all pre-arranged the moment you book. During your time at Belizean Dreams, avail yourself of the services offered by professionals at the resort’s Bliss Salon and Spa, plus weekly scheduled tours coinciding with the dates of your stay. Visit the town of Hopkins before you move on.

Manta Island Resort offers you a different experience that’s equally compelling. You sojourn in paradise just 36 miles off the mainland but a million miles away from the cares you left behind. This world heritage site and marine reserve gives you access to the best in scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, and even kayaking if you have in mind to borrow one of these boats. All the details associated with your two-resort stay are choreographed by staffers at both resorts, so your split stay is effortless.

Double Fun Belize Vacation

Ready to make this happen?

Details of this split vacation opportunity are outlined within this Belizean Dreams Resort webpage, but staffers are on standby to answer questions that you may have about how to make this split getaway your next Caribbean adventure. Call the toll-free number, 1-800-456-7150 or email the Belizean Dreams crew at [email protected]. This is one grand vacation that you’re going to want to brag about.

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