7 Best Day Trips From Hopkins, Belize

Day Trips from Hopkins Belize

It took seven days for God to create the world. Having considered how much can be done in a week, your stay at Belizean Dreams Resort – located in Hopkins Belize – is likely to be equally productive if you prioritize Belize tours from Hopkins as your goal. Pick just one. Take all seven. Life is short. You can rest when you get home.

  1. Dive deep into the Caribbean Sea. Depending upon the time of year, you could run into turtles, manta rays or friendly nurse sharks on your dives. Magnificent coral gardens forming the Belize Barrier Reef await, and Belizean Dreams promises diving guides adroit at helping expert and newbie divers enjoy the times of their lives.
  2. Get your excitement fix on any of the Belize tours that take you on heart-pounding adventures like zip lining over jungle treetops, repelling down waterfalls or dropping into caves, all of which are sure to be the highlight of your trip. Prefer a tamer activity? Sit atop a giant inner tube and float into those caves instead.
  3. Go fish! Decide between a fly fishing or reef fishing experience. Expert guides assure a successful day – one that could include a photo of you and your catch – before Belizean Dreams chefs prepare it to your specifications for dinner.
  4. Learn how Belize’s earliest inhabitants lived by touring Maya ruins located near Hopkins Belize and the resort. See Belize’s tallest structures while standing in awe of the architectural skill with which indigenous people created palaces and cities long before tools existed.
  5. Talk to the animals during a wildlife and scenic river tour where you will encounter some of Belize’s loudest primates: Howler monkeys. Also a boon for birdwatchers, the resort’s river tour menu includes an opportunity to explore an “inland blue hole” – just in case taking a deep dive in the ocean isn’t your cup of tea.

Best day trips in Hopkins Belize

  1. Focus on Belize’s lush jungles by opting for either a hike into interiors where waterfalls, medicinal plants and flowers await, or go horseback riding in the jungle. Belize’s jungles are pristine and so unspoiled, no matter which of the Belize tours you prefer, you’ll be in for lots of surprises.
  2. Stick around Hopkins Belize to experience the nation’s heartbeat. As Belize’s #1 Cultural Destination, you’re in for a treat. Learn more about the Garifuna people, their history and browse shops and food stands. Achieve the deepest immersion of all by taking drumming lessons. This day trip happens to be a tourist favorite!

Day trips listed above are all part of the Belizean Dreams Belize Tours menu, and they are best enjoyed by booking a package. These all inclusive deals include spacious accommodations, fabulous meals, access to onsite amenities plus savings that come with bundling your trip costs.

Customize your visit by adding more Belize tours to your itinerary. Let resort staff members know that you can’t get enough of Hopkins Belize and the Belizean Dreams Resort and they’ll tell you how you can take advantage of Belize vacation specials that save you money!

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