Try These Classic Belizean Dishes Now – or Wait for Lobsterfest!

Try These Classic Belizean Dishes Now

The news in mid-March 2023 was disheartening for U.S. lobster aficionados as the media announced “lobsterflation.” Soaring lobster prices imposed by Maine lobstermen have driven the cost sky-high, with Washingtonian magazine editors reporting that a 2-pound lobster now sells for $100. In response, some upscale restaurants are substituting lobster rolls and bisque with shrimp and clam rolls to adapt to the steep price increase.

Given this epicurean crisis, you’ll be happy to know that Lobsterfest 2023 will be staged in Belize the first week of July and you’ll be able to get your fill of this tasty crustacean at prices that won’t cost more than your resort package! Until then, these items are guaranteed to delight your taste buds. Each is packed with the flavor, healthy ingredients, and spices that make Belize cuisine unique.

  1. Belizean Rice and Beans: Forget everything you ever thought about rice and beans being a boring dish! An enticing combo of red kidney beans, white rice, and stew chicken plus spices that separate this recipe from every other version makes this a tasty go-to dish appropriate for lunch or dinner – especially when topped with onion sauce or potato salad.
  2.  Fry Jacks: They resemble potstickers or deep-fried won ton, but this breakfast menu item is much too tasty to be compared to either. Deep-fried pieces of flour dough come in all shapes and never met a breakfast food they couldn’t cozy up to. Slightly salty and wonderfully crisp, change up the toppings to suit your taste: cheese, refried beans, jam, honey, or sugar, and serve with eggs, bacon, and breakfast meat.
  3.  Ceviche: Like rice and beans, chefs in Belize add their own twists to the recipe that relies upon freshly caught seafood for character (shrimp, conch, lobster, or all of them). Once spices, herbs, chopped veggies, and lime juice weigh-in, ceviche, Belize style, morphs into an appetizer for the gods. Serve ceviche in a tall martini glass to show off this chilled work of culinary art.
  4.  Fish Sere: If your idea of the perfect meal includes chowder, you’re going to love this creamy, tasty bowl of goodness. Popular among Belize’s Garifuna people, this dish is best served with sides of coconut-milk-infused rice and tasty plantain strips. While fish sere recipes vary from cook to cook, a mix of snapper, plantain, coconut milk, carrots, onion, garlic, and spices go into this authentic dish. One bite will hook you. Ordering seconds may be necessary.

Try These Classic Belizean Dishes Now

Where to have your fill of Belize cuisine?

Make a reservation at The Woven Palms Restaurant situated on the grounds at the Belizean Dreams Resort, located in Hopkins. Whether you’ve made a reservation to stay at the resort or you’re touring Hopkins, the authentic cooking served up by chefs specializing in artfully blending Caribbean and Meso-American flavors and the beachfront setting is heavenly.

In addition to these four delights, expect to find lobster treats starting the first week of July so reserving Belizean Dreams Resort digs immediately for Lobsterfest 2023 is a very wise move, assuring you a seat at the table and lobster prices guaranteed to please your wallet, too.

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