Beaches In Belize? Visit These On Your Next Trip

Belize Beaches

Do you consider yourself a connoisseur of beaches? Do you devote time to finding sandy parcels of oceanfront that can only be described as gems? Yours is a worthy pursuit, especially if you’ve had your fill of beaches that were anything but relaxing. Must you travel the world in search of beaches delivering on peace and tranquility?

Not if you target Belize as your next destination where a short plane ride transports you to not one but two areas along the Caribbean shoreline that merit a visit: Placencia and Hopkins. There’s a friendly competition between Placencia and Hopkins beaches and you’re invited to weigh in on the debate to determine which appeals to your sensibilities as you have fun exploring the merits of both popular beachfront.

Why Placencia beaches are your best bet

Described as a land of endless beaches and amenities, Placencia beaches offer visitors two coasts to explore: a Caribbean stretch and the Placencia Lagoon side. If you intend to devote as much time to revelry as occupying a parcel of sand, there is no shortage of bars and eateries along the Placencia coast.

If you’re in a rush to dig your toes into the sand, a local airport will deliver you to your destination faster. Hopkins’ closest airport in Dangriga takes longer to get you to your destination. Further, experts wax poetic about Placencia’s “whiter sand and bluer water,” so if aesthetics are important to you, you’ve found your beach.

Belize Beach Vacations
Laru Beya Resort, Placencia Peninsula

Why Hopkins beaches are your best bet

Weary of crowds as you search for tranquility? Hopkins is as laid-back as it gets. When compared to Placencia, Hopkins represents the most authentic version of Belize where beauty outdoes bars and food spots. Further, Hopkins offers opportunities to hang out with members of Belize’s vibrant Afro-Caribbean Garifuna people.

The town of Hopkins is quaint, welcoming, and closer to the edges of the jungle where natural attractions are found. Hopkins beaches are 10 miles from the Belize Barrier Reef but it’s a 19-mile journey from Placencia. Hopkins is a music and cultural mecca so if you crave sand and drumming lessons, this is your beach.

Beaches in Belize

Why not try both beaches during your getaway?

Sampling both will help you pick a favorite and you’ll need a base from which to make your evaluations, so why not choose sister resorts to simplify your quest? Reserve digs at Belizean Dreams Beach Resort to sample lush the Hopkins shoreline or lodge at Laru Beya Resort in Placencia, our sister property, where beaches are equally stunning

A visit to each resort’s website tells you all you need to know about accommodations, dining, and bountiful Belize all inclusive packages offered by hosts at each property that delivers on everything you need and want while saving money. One visit. Two fabulous destinations where beaches reign supreme and all it takes is one airline round-trip ticket to experience both. Could a true beach connoisseur ask for anything more?

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