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Belizean Dreams, the Hopkins Resort That Keeps Winning Awards! 

Did you know that the vacation lodgings you choose when you travel say a lot about you and the choices you make?


Former contributor to “Forbes” magazine Neil Patel only stays at 5-star hotels because he is convinced that they reflect the lifestyle he works hard to maintain. Plenty of vacationers feel exactly the same way. Many realize that bargain resorts won’t give them the “experience” they crave. 


Further, there’s no way services and amenities can hold a candle to high-end resorts that earn kudos because guests can’t stop raving about the hospitality they enjoy only at destinations that have won awards. 


Do you feel the same way? Are you impressed by rave reviews guests write after experiences leave them so elated, they feel compelled to post comments? You should. Consider Belizean Dreams, located close to the quaint village of Hopkins. This resort has racked up so many awards, the property could run out of room to display them!


Why Belizean Dreams?
This remarkable destination is filled with employees of all levels who share a common goal: Making certain that every guest is treated like he or she is the only guest on-premises. Belizean Dreams’ staff is known for the perpetual smiles they wear, no matter how many times guests make requests. Difficult guests? There's no such thing!


Management has made a priority out of adding to the resort’s amenities menu so just about everything a visitor seeks is already available. From superior room service and attention to detail at the Belizean Dreams onsite restaurant to the way staff responds to special requests, guests find that their needs and desires are met before they say a single word.


Whether it’s dietary restrictions or help to choose the perfect tours and attractions, Belizean Dreams never disappoints—which is why this Hopkins property has been so busy racking up consecutive Travelers’ Choice Awards it wound up in the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame and earned a coveted LTG Award as well.


More than just awards

Belizean Dreams is more than just a gorgeous property located near the cultural epicenter than is Hopkins Village. It’s the culmination of dreams the resorts owners imagined before they took over this lush property and began to put together a menu of pleasures that no other area resort could duplicate.


From customized adventure tours to the ocean view restaurant and bar that serves as a gourmet home-away-from-home for visitors who can’t get enough award-winning cuisine, Belizean Dreams is proud to be in a position to serve the Hopkins community as part of the resort's mission. 


As every member of the Belizean Dreams staff likes to say, “It’s no wonder TripAdvisor named us in the Top 10 Hotels for Best Service in Belize!” Want to know more? Contact us today and you'll understand why this destination receives so many complimentary reviews from delighted guests.

OMG - Belizean Dreams was beyond our expectations. Their motto "Casual elegance surrounded by adventure” summed up our experience perfectly. - TripAdvisor user

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