Discover One of Belize’s Best-Kept Secrets: Hopkins

Hopkins Belize

Abandoning hot spots for quieter, less crowded areas – especially when your choice of lodgings offers you the same number of attractions, tourist sites, and natural wonders – could be your new travel philosophy if you’re weary of crowds and prefer roads less traveled – even when those roads are in Belize.

To change up your routine, discover Hopkins where surprises are found beneath every palm tree along the coast! This tiny town has been called a “true hotbed of activity” by travel writers who are always on the lookout for new areas to delight readers. After all, if you weren’t looking for something new, why would you be reading this, curious traveler?

Hopkins is Belize’s laid-back capital

Sojourn in Hopkins and bountiful options can be on your itinerary every day and in every season, so pick a travel date that works with your schedule. Dive at Glover’s Atoll where you can get or update your certifications, and take up kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, diving, and windsurfing. Discover the magnificent Belize Barrier Reef.

If you prefer to stay dry, birding, hiking, visiting wildlife sanctuaries, and touring any of Belize’s 900 Maya archeological sites will keep you busy day and night.

What separates Hopkins from other Belize hubs? For starters, it’s an epicenter of Garifuna life and if you haven’t experienced time among these delightful folks whose ancestry, practices, rituals, and religious beliefs will captivate you, you’ve missed a lot. Taking drumming lessons at LeBeha Drumming Center is not to be missed if you want to experience true joy.

Stay where you play so you don’t miss a thing

When a Central American resort is given the name Belizean Dreams, that’s a lot to live up to. Dreams drive our ambitions, actions, and reactions and when tourists pick a place to stay, its name can hint at big things – even within a small, all-inclusive haven that’s just near enough to town to offer lots of diversions yet far enough away to satisfy your dreams for a restful, relaxing Caribbean holiday.

From a fabulous beachfront location to a diverse selection of lodging choices that suit all party sizes, guests can come solo, as a couple, with family, or even reserve enough room for a reunion. No matter the number of people in your party, you’ll find the ideal beach accommodations at Belizean Dreams.

Discover One of Belize's Best-Kept Secrets: Hopkins

Belizean Dreams packages turn pricey vacations into affordable ones

There is no more efficient way to save valuable time, money, and effort during the finite days of your next holiday than by choosing from the Belizean Dreams Belize vacation package menu.

By selecting one, you can leave your wallet in your digs because delicious meals are included, as are an assortment of hammocks and beach lounges and proximity to Hopkins. Because every package is different – some include tours – you can customize your stay by adding adventures to your itinerary during your stay.

Hopkins and Belizean Dreams fit together like peas in a pod, so by discovering both, you open a whole new world of travel options. That stated, keeping Hopkins and Belizean Dreams your secret will be up to you, but if know of travelers eager to discover a different kind of Belize experience, you may wish to let this secret out!

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