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About Belize

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About Belize

Assumption: People often assume that the rates for hotels and traveling increase during the summer season in Belize.

Reality: The rates decrease in the summertime for most hotels in Belize because we want to increase accessibility to everyone who is interested in visiting and therefore you can actually have your Belizean Dreams experience for less!

Assumption: People often assume that there are huge crowds during the summer season in Belize.

Reality: With a population of about 390,000 people Belize is never crowded, even with tourists! The summer months are the slower times of the tourist season and thus we offer discounts, deals, and lower rates for travelers.

Assumption: People often assume that they should avoiding traveling to Belize during the hurricane season.

Reality: Our hurricane season is from June until mid-November. However, hurricanes form over a period of several days and even weeks. The path of the storm is tracked and predicted using the latest technology, which enables the affected areas ample time to prepare for the storm. Thanks to NEMO (National Emergency Management Organization), Belize and Belizean Dreams Resort has a thorough emergency plan ready to be enacted in the event of a hurricane.

Assumption: People often assume that in the summer months (Belize’s rainy season), it will be raining all the time.

Reality: Belize has two seasons, wet and dry. Although the summer months are in the wet season, rainfall varies significantly by location in the country. Periodic showers usually occur at night while the rain showers during the day are usually brief and do not normally affect outdoor activities, but rather provide a refreshing cool down!

If you are currently subscribed to a telephone service provider, then all you need to do is to inform your provider to activate roaming service on your device.  Stress to them that you will need both voice and texting service. On your arrival in Belize your device will then automatically connect to our local network. Be sure to check with your mobile provider for international roaming and fees you may have to pay.

If you are not subscribed to a telephone service provider, then an unlocked GSM (Global System Mobile Communication) 1900 MHz cellular phone is required. You will then need to purchase a SIM card here in Belize. Also note that although we do not have any phones in our villas, we do have wifi which enables you to access to internet.

All International flights to Belize land at the only International Airport in Belize, the Phillip S. W. Goldson International Airport (BZE). You will need to book your international flight to Belize City directly through the airline or through an agent of your choice. We advise that you arrive in Belize by 3 pm. If you cannot make it by 3:30 pm and would like to get to the resort that same evening, we can arrange to get you all the way from the international airport via a ground transfer. The ground transfer from the Belize International Airport takes approximately two hours and carries a surcharge fee. Contact us directly for the cost. For your departure, anytime after 10:00 am will do. For information on airlines flying into Belize or additional information about entry requirements, please see our Getting Here page.

Driving in Belize is safe in the more populated areas where the roads are paved. Consider renting a four-wheel-drive vehicle if you plan to explore the countryside. Driving from Belize City to Hopkins is quite safe; 90% of the roads are paved and a vast majority of the drive is on the scenic Hummingbird Highway.

We would like advise you that driving in Belize is not like driving in the USA on the freeway / highway because the vehicles travel in alternate directions. We apologize in advance for the broken pavement, poor signage, and unmarked one-lane bridges on our highway. Please make sure that you bring your driver’s license. We strongly recommend a 4-wheel drive vehicle that is insured. Please avoid driving at night.

Our hurricane/rainy season is from June 1 to November 30. However, just because this is Belize’s “rainy” season does not mean it will be raining all day, everyday throughout these months.

Weather is something we can’t really predict and as such, we can’t really guarantee that there will be no rainfall during your stay with us. We like to think that the mind is a powerful tool–if you believe that you will have an unBELIZEable vacation, you most-likely will!

Belize Weather for June
This is another warm month, with June temperatures in Belize averaging 86°F (30°C) to 82°F (28°C). However, fresh easterly breezes off the Caribbean Sea and more frequent short afternoon showers moderate the temperatures and make June a generally pleasant month.

Belize Weather for July
July temperatures in Belize range from an average high of 86°F (30°C) to lows of 79°F (26°C) with an overall monthly average of 82°F (28°C). The weather is much the same as June with increasing rainfall, especially in the mornings, and the easterly breezes providing relief from the heat. Thunderstorms may begin appearing at night.

Belize Weather for August
During August temperatures in Belize begin to change as drier winds from the west replace the easterly sea breezes. August marks the “Little Dry,” as it is known in Belize with a decrease in rainfall and rise in temperature, which range from 86°F (30°C) highs to average lows of 78°F (26°C). Overall, average temperature for August is still a pleasant 82°F (28°C).

Belize Weather for September
September temperatures in Belize average around 81°F (27°C), with highs of 86°F (30°C) and lows of 77°F (25°C). There is increasing rainfall, especially in early mornings and at night, but most days are sunny with warm temperatures.

Belize Weather for October
Northerly breezes bring heavier rainfall and October temperatures in Belize cool down to a monthly average of 79°F (26°C). Daytime highs of around 84°F (29°C) and lows of 75°F (24°C) are common, as are occasional “northers,” storms often centered inland around the Maya Mountains.

Belize Weather for November
November temperatures in Belize are some of the lowest and most variable of the year, but the monthly average is still an enjoyable 76°F (24°C) with common daytime highs of 82°F (28°C) and evening lows of 73°F (23°C).  While this marks the winter season for northernmost countries and states, visitors to Belize find November to be quite warm and sunny.

A valid passport for no less than three months after your intended period of stay for citizens of the following countries: U.S., Britain, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Venezuela, CARICOM member states, nationals of European Community countries.

Children under 18 years of age traveling with one parent require a notarized letter of authority from the other parent indicating travel consent. Kindly note, this info is subject to change, please refer to the Belize Tourism Site.

Belize requires citizens from the following countries to have an entry visa: China, Cuba, Honduras, Haiti, South Africa, Taiwan, India, Libya and more. We do not keep an exhaustive list, for more up to date info see check this website.

Travelers are permitted to stay in Belize for 30 days. Extensions for longer stays can be processed through the Immigration Office in Belize City for a fee, check with that office for the most recent fee.

Please be aware that all visitors to the country of Belize are subject to a departure tax to be paid at the airport upon departing. The fee is USD$35.50 per person (subject to change and can be paid in US currency only or VISA/MasterCard). Some airlines do include the tax in your ticket price, but we suggest you check with your airline for further details and information.

Belize is a safe country; however, like everywhere else, you should exercise caution.

Do not wear flashy jewelry and carry large amounts of cash.

The currency of Belize is the Belize Dollar (BZ$). Belize widely accepts US Currency. The dollar notes are accepted countrywide at a universal exchange rate of BZ$2 to US$1, but keep in mind that the notes must not be mutilated in any way or they may not be accepted. Please note that the US coins are not accepted, therefore we suggest that you bring smaller denominations as all change will be issued back to you in Belize dollars.

Most hotels, resorts, restaurants, and tour operators accept US currency in form of notes, traveler’s checks, and credit cards. Belizean Dreams Resort accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover (not currently being accepted), and American Express. You may also use the ATM with your international credit or debit cards to withdraw cash while in Belize. ATMs can be found in the International Airport in Belize City, Dangriga Town, and Hopkins Village near the entrance. Kindly be advised that all charges to credit cards will be processed in Belize dollars.

Like Belizean Dreams Resort, most companies in Belize will not be held responsible for any currency rate of exchange variances applied by banks or for any international processing fees that may be charged by your credit card company.

English is the official language of Belize, although a number of dialects are spoken among the country’s 390,000 citizens. This is the result of Belize’s rich and multicultural heritage.

In Hopkins Village you may hear the locals speak their native tongue Garifuna; however a majority of the locals speak English as well.

Drinking: While the tap water technically is safe to drink, we do not recommend that you do so. Belizean Dreams Resort provides bottled water in all of our rooms. Please stay hydrated.

Swimming: It is safe to swim, kayak, or snorkel the Caribbean Sea in front of Belizean Dreams Resort.

As in all tropical climates, mosquitoes and sand flies are prevalent. Please be sure to bring:

  • Deet-based Repellant
  • Hydrocortisone cream
  • Benadryl Tablets
  • Baby oil for additional protection against sand flies

Kindly Note:
Due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, arrival and departure procedures are changing, consequently the info provided on here is not the most up to date info. Please refer to our COVID-19 page for more current details. If you do not find the info you need, please contact us with questions.

Vaccinations or medical clearances are not required. It is recommended that you bring your own prescription drugs and anti-malaria tablets for extended jungle stays. Please note that Hopkins Village is not prone to Malaria infections.

Time observed year round is the same as United States Central Standard Time. Belize does not observe Daylight Saving Time.

The climate of Belize is subtropical, with an average annual temperature of 79 degrees Fahrenheit. Belize’s water temperature averages between 79 and 83 degrees. The weather is similar to southern Florida with slightly warmer winters and summers. The dry season is December through May and the sea is calmest in August and September.

Belize uses 110-volt alternating electric current, the same standard as the US. If you are coming from the US, converters are not necessary.

We recognize your potential concerns regarding check-in time upon landing. Over the years, we’ve consistently scheduled guests an hour after arrival without any problems. Drawing on our two decades of experience, we have established solid relationship with the local airlines. In the event you miss your local flight, they will make it a priority to transfer you to the next available one. Your peace of mind is our top priority. If you’d like, we can also arrange a later flight for you—simply inform us of your preference to ensure your comfort.

About Hopkins Village

Hopkins Village is located on the central coast of Southern Belize. Hopkins is bounded to the east by the Caribbean Sea and to the west by a wetland area. The central location of the village makes it ideal for both inland and island adventures.

You can get to Hopkins Village by road which will take 2.5 – 3 hours. The most preferred option is through a local flight which will take 15 minutes from the Belize International Airport to Dangriga Town followed by a 20 – 30 minutes road transfer to Hopkins. Read our Getting Here section for more information.

If you are a traveler interested in experiencing new cultures by delving into the history and traditions of the Garifuna people (#1 Cultural Destination in Belize) while meeting new and friendly people (voted the friendliest village in Belize) then Hopkins is the place for you! A quaint fishing village located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, Hopkins also has some of the best beaches in Belize and is only minutes away from marine and jungle adventures. Enjoy peaceful relaxation and casual elegance at Belizean Dreams Resort.

In Hopkins Village there is a health center with a registered nurse available. The nearest hospital is approximately 20 – 30 minutes away in Dangriga Town.

Keep in mind that when you travel to the tropics, bugs (mosquitoes and sand flies) can be expected. We have been able to curtail the fly activity at Belizean Dreams Resort through routine spraying but if you are sensitive to biting insects, it is advisable to bring a deet-based repellant for use while at the resort and especially on inland tours. You may also want to bring a citronella candle for your veranda in case the bugs are active. We also advise you to bring:

  • Hydrocortisone cream
  • Benadryl Tablets
  • Baby oil for additional protection against sand flies

About Accommodations

Our packages include a One Bedroom Standard Room, however there are other room options which can be booked with our any of our all inclusive packages. Kindly note, the Two Bedroom Executive Suite and the Three Bedroom Villa can’t be booked online without guidance from our Reservation team. Please contact us for assistance.

Maximum Occupancy (room types are available in our garden view, ocean view or ocean front categories):

Yes, we do have rates for supplemental package upgrades to our All Inclusive and Mayan jungle Beach Packages. If you booked a room only (EP) reservation and would like to upgrade to an all inclusive stay with us simply Contact us for rates.

Yes, there is a hair dryer in the private bathroom of your room. However, if you require a high-powered hair dryer, we welcome you to bring your own.

Our One Bedroom Suite and One Bedroom Premium Suite both boast beautifully-decorated elegant furnishings, a canopied four-poster king-sized bed, en-suite bathroom with walk-in shower and double vanity with hand painted Mexican basins, mini refrigerator, coffee maker and a comfortable futon transforming into an extra bedding.

The primary difference between our One Bedroom Premium Suite and our One Bedroom Suite is it’s location in the Villa. The One Bedroom Premium Suite is located on the 2nd or upper floor, while the One Bedroom Suite is located on the 1st or lower floor of the villa. Additionally, the One Bedroom Premium Suite has a small kitchenette complete with a microwave and two private balconies which provide an idyllic backdrop on which you can sip your morning coffee while watching one of the many colorful sunrise and sunsets. The One Bedroom Suite offers a covered first floor veranda furnished with chairs overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Belizean Dreams is made up of only nine standalone villas. The layout of the villas is in the shape of a horseshoe, or “U” shape, which means that two villas are Ocean Front, five villas Ocean View and two are Garden View. Our Ocean Front Villas are located directly on the beach while all our villas are only footsteps away from the Caribbean Sea and beach.

Our Two Bedroom Executive Suite commands the entire lower flat of the villa. It’s comprised of two separate one bedrooms; one being a One Bedroom Standard unit, and the other a One Bedroom Suite. While both bedrooms are beautifully designed with a canopied four-poster king-sized bed, en-suite bathroom, walk-in shower, mini refrigerator, coffee maker, and a covered first floor veranda and furnished with chairs overlooking the Caribbean Sea, the suite offers extra space with a double vanity containing hand painted Mexican basins and a comfortable futon which can be transformed into extra bedding. Both rooms are connected by a shared open concept kitchen, living room, and dining room area that is elegantly decorated with locally crafted mahogany and cedar wood furnishings arranged for maximum space.

On the booking page, under STEP 1, select 2 rooms (and 2 persons in each room) we will automatically assign you the 2-Bedroom Executive Suite.

If you need to book 5 persons we will add the 5th person manually once we receive your booking confirmation. In the comment section in STEP 3, mention “Need to book 5 persons.” If you are booking children, please let us know their ages in the comment section too.

If you have 5 persons staying in the room, the rate on the booking page will not be accurate (the booking engine only allows you to select 2 persons per room). The correct rate will be applied to your booking manually once we receive your confirmation email. Thereafter, we will send your revised booking confirmation email to reflect the correct rate.

Please contact us with any questions, as we would be happy to assist you with booking the 2 Executive Bedroom Suite.

On the booking page, under STEP 1, select 3 rooms (and 2 persons in each room) we will automatically assign you the 3-Bedroom Villa. If you need to book 7 or 8 persons we will add the extra person(s) manually once we receive your booking confirmation. In the comment section in STEP 3, mention “Need to book 7-8 persons.” If you are booking children, please let us know their ages in the comment section too.

If you have 7-8 persons staying in the room, the rate on the booking page will not be accurate (the booking engine only allows you to select 2 persons per room). The correct rate will be applied to your booking manually once we receive your confirmation email. Thereafter, we will send your revised booking confirmation email to reflect the correct rate.

Please contact us with any questions, as we would be happy to assist you with booking the 3 Executive Bedroom Suite.

The One Bedroom Boutique Rooms are located within the chic and contemporary ambiance of the newly-built Promenade Building. While these rooms do not have an ocean view, they are just an easy stroll to the beach (approximately a 2 minute walk/350 feet) and are ideally situated near the lobby, spa, and conference center. These rooms are our most economical. The One Bedroom Standard rooms are located on the first floor of our nine standalone Belize villas, which are positioned in a horseshoe shape just a few steps from the Caribbean. Both room types have a two person maximum occupancy.

About Belizean Dreams Resort

It is recommended that guests purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy at the time of your booking to protect you against illness, injury, loss of personal items and baggage, cancellation, and other travel contingencies. At this time, we do not offer travel insurance through Belizean Dreams Resort.

We do not have a gym on site. In Belize, everything involves either hiking, biking, or walking and our guests usually take advantage of the long stretch of beach in front of our resort which offers them a natural and peaceful running environment. Guests also enjoy early morning or evening swimming laps in the Caribbean Sea or in our infinity pool.

Recently, a gym opened within walking distance of the resort and our front desk assistants will be more than happy to assist you with booking the gym during your stay. Some of the available equipment include: chest press, treadmills, bikes, kettlebells, Olympic bench, stretching mats, rowing machine, elliptical machine, leg machine and free-weights. 

Current prices are as follows: US$15 -1 Day, US$36-3 Days and US$50-7 Days. (Please note that these rates are subject to change) 

At this time we do not allow pets at Belizean Dreams Resort.

Wireless Internet Service is available at Belizean Dreams Resort which is offered free of charges to our guests.

Our Wi-Fi Signal is the strongest in our common areas, such our front desk lobby (where there is actually a guest computer), our infinity pool / tiki bar area, and our Dining Area. We do not advertise the accessibility of Wi-Fi in our rooms since the signal varies for consistent connectivity.

Our Wi-Fi connectivity is dependent on the service we receive from our National Telecommunication Provider since we rely heavily on them. We have also independently launched a 100 feet antenna geared at improving the internet signal at our resort. Please keep in mind that Belize is a developing country which means that our telecommunication technologies are far from optimal.

Therefore, we ask that you download music, books, movies, etc. prior to coming to stay with us so you can enjoy listening, reading, and watching without interruption. You may also want to alert your family and friends that internet may not be available 24/7 so they will not be worried if you don’t reply to their texts or emails immediately.

Belizean Dreams Resort is an all inclusive resort with two package options. We only honor room only bookings as an exception to show our appreciation to our loyal customers.

Our name says it all – we will make your Belizean Dreams come true! Belizean Dreams Resort is the only Belizean owned and managed resort in Hopkins Village therefore giving you the ultimate and most authentic Belizean experience. Our all inclusive packages also allows for a stress free vacation whether you are interested in romance, adventure tours, diving, or simply relaxing on the beach with a cold drink in your hand. Our onsite restaurant overlooks the infinity pool and Caribbean Sea. The Belizean Dreams Resort Tiki Bar is one of the only beach bar in Hopkins. Besides our amenities, it is our management and staff that make Belizean Dreams so unique. We cannot wait to meet you!

Belizean Dreams Resort proudly offers dive trips to the three atolls along the Belize Barrier Reef with our highly skilled guides. Please keep in mind that there is an eight persons minimum requirement, so just like most resorts in Belize we cannot pre-book these dive trips unless you can meet the minimum requirement.  Read more on our Diving.

Whether you are trying to plan an engagement or you want to surprise you friends or family with a little treat during their vacation with us, we consider our job to help make our guests have a memorable vacation and we would be more than willing to help. Contact us to make arrangements.

Belize is an informal country with a very casual lifestyle. Belizean Dreams Resort is barefoot luxury at its best!

Below is a list of items to consider bringing:


  • A flexible, positive attitude that’s ready to learn and experience new things
  • Passport valid for 6 months beyond your anticipated date of return
  • Visa (if necessary)
  • Tickets
  • Prescription Medication
  • Insurance cards
  • Cash
  • Credit cards
  • Sunscreen — high SPF
  • Insect repellent with high DEET concentration


  • Shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Long comfortable pants
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Socks
  • Fleece or sweater
  • Bathing suit
  • Sandals / comfortable flats

For Tours:

  • Sturdy shoes like hiking boots
  • Water shoes (not necessary, but nice)
  • Hat / cap
  • Backpack
  • Binoculars
  • Snorkel or dive gear
  • Dive Card – you need this to dive unless you do a course!
  • Wind breaker or rain slick


  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Maps & guide books
  • Flashlight
  • Extra batteries
  • Toiletries

Feeling Charitable?
Bring School supplies to be distributed to the school children of Hopkins and the nearby villages. It would mean more than you can imagine!

Do you have anymore questions? Contact Us!

Yes, we do cater to everyone. Check out our family packages for special kids discounts.

We do have a laundry service available to all guests. The laundry bag with price list is located in your closet.

Yes, we do provide golf cart rentals. Please contact us for rates.

Yes. A 25% deposit is due at the time of booking. Payment in full is due 30 days prior to arrival. Except for stays between Christmas (including the week before & after Christmas) & New Year (including the week after) see website policy page for exact dates, which requires payment in full 60 days prior to your arrival.

Our restaurant is mixed open/indoors. You can choose if you wish to dine indoors or outside.

We do not offer in room bottle service, however you can purchase your own spirits and keep them in your room.

Seaweed can be an issue along our beaches during certain times of the year. There is no way to predict when it will wash ashore in larger quantities or how long it will last as it has to do with the tides.

Though seaweed may not seem ideal, it is perfect for our ecosystem since it serves as a home to an amazing variety of marine species, including our endangered sea turtles. As eco-friendly destination, we are committed to preserving and protecting our country’s natural beauty by keeping it as pristine as possible. We would like to make note that we do maintain our beach daily by raking excess deposits on the shore and moving it away from the beach.

Our check-in is at 3 pm and check-out is at 11am.

Our rates already include a 10% service charge which is distributed equally among all our staff as we believe everyone plays an important role in your stay with us. Should you wish to leave an additional gratuity for exceptional service, this is completely left to your discretion. There is nothing too small or big and anything is appreciated. Because we are all inclusive property, we advise against tipping individually on a daily basis so that you do not have to worry about carrying cash/credit cards with you. Additionally, you’ll notice that after each meal, you will be presented with a chit which requires your signature for inventory purposes. The chit also has a line for tips, but once again, tipping is not mandatory and is based on your discretion as explained above. Instead, we strongly suggest that you finalize your tips at the front desk upon checkout where you are able to write your specific instructions regarding your tip amount and how you would like it to be distributed along with your signature. Utilizing the front desk as the contact point is essential to ensuring that tips will be sent to our accounting department, which manages proper and transparent distribution through the staff’s bank accounts.

While we do not have handicapped-accessible accommodations and a specific floor cannot always be guaranteed, we can give preference to those with any mobility issues. When you book your stay, kindly let our Reservation Team know if you do have mobility issues so that we can accommodate your request accordingly. The Boutique Rooms are located on the second floor of the Promenade Building, this building does not have an elevator. The One Bedroom Premium Suites are located on the top floor of our Villas.

The local liquors that we typically stock are naturally gluten-free in that all distilled liquors are gluten-free even if made from wheat, barley, or rye, and we stock liquors made from ingredients that do not naturally have gluten in them, such as potatoes for vodka and grapes for wine and sparkling wine. Exceptions to this would include cases of liquor cross-contamination in facilities that process products containing wheat, barley, or rye or when the liquor is flavored. In Belize, most liquor manufacturers do not label liquors “gluten-free.” If you are gluten-free for lifestyle reasons, our local liquors are generally fine to drink. If you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, and are gluten-free due to health reasons, we cannot guarantee that you will have no adverse reactions to the local liquors we stock. We do not stock gluten-free beer.

Yes! We are able to accommodate any dietary restriction whether vegan, vegetarian or gluten free.

About All Inclusive Packages

We offer two main packages — the the basic All Inclusive Package and the Mayan Jungle & Beach Package. Both packages include accommodation, meals, unlimited local alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks, local puddle jumper flight from the Belize International Airport (airport code: BZE) all taxes and fees and much more! With the basic All Inclusive Package, you’ll enjoy one scheduled adventure tour regardless of the duration of your stay. However, the Mayan Jungle & Beach Package includes a number of tours depending upon the length of your stay.

Both Belizean Dreams Resort and Coco Plum Island Resort are home to two equally excellent, yet slightly different, oceanfront restaurant and bars, the Woven Palms and the Coco Palms Restaurant, respectively. The Woven Palms Restaurant at Belizean Dreams Resort offers an assortment of menu options to choose from for breakfast, lunch, and dinner ranging from popular favorites to local delicacies. The Woven Palms Restaurant is famously known for providing a traditional daily special reflective of the distinctive cultures in Belize.

Meals at the Coco Palms Restaurant on Coco Plum Island are a unique blend of fresh and in season homestyle cooked meals with a touch of gourmet island infusion. Sourcing goods on a private island enables Coco Palms to offer purposely chosen set menu options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dinner at Coco Palms is a three course meal with two entree options, usually either of seafood or meat. Bar snacks are also included at both resorts with package bookings. Both restaurants cater to any dietary restrictions or food preferences, offering delicious vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free choices.

Pina coladas are included as a part of the Unlimited Local Bar amenity. Wines are not included in the package prices and are not eligible for Happy Hour discounts, but limited selection available for purchase.

No, although Coco Plum Island Resort is our sister resort, we are managed separately and therefore we would require you to cancel with us in writing directly (adhering to our Cancellation Policy) and thereafter book with Coco Plum Island Resort in accordance with their booking policy.

Yes, you can split your vacation between both Belizean Dreams and Coco Plum Island. Contact us for rates and availability.

Our vacation packages include round trip local transportation only. International flights are not included.

Once you arrange your international flight to Phillip S. W. Goldson International Airport (Code: BZE) we will arrange a connecting flight through our airline partner Maya Island Air. The flight, which flies into Dangriga, is approximately 20 minutes. From there we will meet your flight and transfer you to Belizean Dreams. The drive from the airstrip is approximately 30-40 minutes.

Please see our Packages for more details.

About Adventure Tours

The Front Desk will confirm your tours upon checking in.

If you would like to go on a tour that is not included in your package, we can arrange for you to participate in that tour in place of a scheduled tour. Contact us for applicable upgrade fees.

Scheduled tours that are part of the vacation packages are offered on certain days. If you would like to go on a scheduled tour that is not available on a day you will be at our resort, we can arrange for you to participate in that tour on a different day. Contact us for applicable fees.

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