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“Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret”

Belize, often referred to as “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret” has one foot embedded in the tropical jungle of Central America tucked between Mexico (north) & Guatemala (southwest) and another foot immersed in the Caribbean Sea (east), with hundreds of islands ripe for exploration protected by the longest living coral reef the Western Hemisphere. This makes Belize a unique location that is recognized as a Central American country and a Caribbean country. By visiting Belize, home to Belizean Dreams Resort, you get the best of both worlds.

Belize is a small nation with a little over 400,000 residents. Our peaceful country is rich with different ethnic groups including: Chinese, Creole, East Indian, European, Garifuna, Lebanese, Mayan, Mennonite, and Mestizo. All the people of Belize harmoniously co-exist to form the melting pot of culture that we are well-known for throughout the Caribbean and Central America. All cultures have their own unique native tongue, but English is considered the official language of Belize, making it easy for tourists to navigate our beautiful country. Belizean Dreams Resort is located in the southern part of the country and is home to Garifuna people of Hopkins Village.

For a country with a landmass smaller than Massachusetts, Belize certainly makes a huge impression. With 40 percent of its land protected in parks and reserves, it is home to a vast wealth of natural wonders: unrivaled diving, a network of picturesque rivers, secret waterfalls, and hiking trails deep within the jungle. We proudly boast that Belize is home to three of the four Caribbean atolls which makes Belize the ultimate divingfishing, and snorkeling destination.

In Belize, we are mostly blessed with summer year round. Our weather can either be hot, hotter, or wet making Belize an ideal vacation destination to visit anytime of the year from any country in the world.

10 Great Reasons to Visit Belize:

  • It takes just a few hours to reach Belize by plane where everyone speaks English, the exchange rate is $1USD to $2BZD and you’ll run into so many Americans wherever you go, you’ll feel right at home.
  • Belize is a magnificent cultural melting pot comprised of many belief systems, heritages and histories despite a population of just 350,000 citizens. On a single day, you could meet Chinese, Creole, East Indian, European, Garifuna, Lebanese, Mayan, Mennonite and Mestizo people, each contributing a unique cultural presence.
  • Belize’s size makes it easy to see, do and experience everything you desire. At just 8,867 square miles, getting from one destination to another won’t consume all of your time in country! It’s smaller than the state of Massachusetts.
  • Belize’s legal system is based on British principles and practices, so whether you want to marry, buy a property or retire in Belize, you’ll find the system easy to circumnavigate and understand.
  • Mother Nature bestowed upon Belize natural riches beyond measure. From dense rainforests and jungles to pine forests and savanna, Belize is home to massive numbers of indigenous animals that run the gamut from birds to endangered jaguars.
  • Just offshore stands the second longest barrier reef on the planet, attracting marine animals, divers, snorkelers, scientists and fishermen in droves. This coral reef is a true wonder of the world.
  • Get lost in Belizean culture. This mix of foods, music, crafts, belief systems, and art is unique in that so many styles and mediums converge to produce a culture that is this diverse.
  • Belizeans are truly welcoming, especially in Hopkins Village in the Stann Creek District. Find out why it was voted the Friendliest Village in Belize and the #1 Cultural Destination for visitors eager to immerse themselves in all things Belize.
  • Belize is dedicated to setting new tourism standards. Festivals, expos, tours and other opportunities to show off the nation’s industries proliferate, so a single visit introduces you to the heart and soul of this nation.
  • Few Belize resorts surpass Belizean Dreams Resort where luxurious rooms, gourmet dining, seasonal rates, tours, amenities, and packages offer visitors a dizzying array of ways to submerge themselves in our land.

At Belizean Dreams, we can’t wait to show off our country and our award-winning resort. We invite you to stay with us and escape to the soothing casual elegance of our villas and enjoy an exclusive world of privacy in the heart of adventure. Our dedicated staff is ready to cater to you in any way.

Give us a call on our toll free number (800) 456-7150 or email us for more information to reserve your all inclusive vacation in paradise. 

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If you have never been to Belize, I highly suggest you go. And if you’re looking for accommodations and some of the nicest people in the country. I suggest you try Belizean Dreams in the small, sleepy, fishing town of Hopkins! – TripAdvisor user
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