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How To Get To Hopkins

Driving Directions from the Belize International Airport to Belizean Dreams Resort (2.5 – 3 hours)

We would like advise you that driving in Belize is not like driving in developed countries, such as the USA on the freeway/highway because the vehicles travel in alternate directions. Please note that there are not much signs on the highway and there are a couple one-lane bridges as well as potholes to watch out for, be sure to pay keen attention when driving and be on the alert for these. Kindly ensure to bring your driver’s license. We strongly recommend a 4-wheel drive vehicle that is insured. Please avoid driving at night. If you feel unsure of driving yourself, we offer shuttle service.

  1. Take the airport road to the Northern Highway. There will be a Shell gas station on your left at this intersection (2 minutes, 1 mile, 1.6 km).
  2. Turn left on the Northern Highway and travel to the Burrell Boom cutoff. There will be tall communication tower on the left side of the road before the Burrell Boom cutoff (10 minutes). Turn left on the Burrell Boom road and take it until it meets the Western Highway at a roundabout in Hattieville. Stay right. (15 minutes, 11.5 miles, 18.5 km)
  3. Turn right or west on the Western Highway and take it past the Coastal Highway until you reach the Hummingbird Highway which goes through the outskirts of the capital, Belmopan (40 minutes, 32 miles, 51.5 km).
  4. Turn left on the Hummingbird Highway. You will pass a couple of gas stations shortly after you turn on this road.  If you need gas, get it!
  5. Continue on the Hummingbird Highway through the Maya Mountains, past citrus groves until you reach the Southern Highway.  There will be an Esso gas station on your right just before the Southern Highway.  This is the last gas station before Belizean Dreams Resort. Please note that there are many one-lane bridges on the Hummingbird Highway. Please be alert! (1 hour, 10 minutes, 48 miles, 76 km)
  6. Turn right on the Southern Highway. Soon after you pass through Silk Grass Village there will be a road to the left toward Hopkins. Turn left on the Hopkins Road. There will be a Belizean Dreams sign at this junction (5 minutes, 10 miles, 16 km).
  7. Take the Hopkins Road until you reach Hopkins. There will be a Belizean Dreams sign at this intersection (10 minutes, 6 miles).
  8. Turn right and take the road through the village until the pavement ends (3 minutes, 1.5 miles).
  9. Continue on the same, but now gravel, road until you see the Belizean Dreams drive on the left.  Turn into the driveway. You’ve made it! (3 minutes, 0.7 mile)
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My husband and I stayed at the Belizean Dreams and enjoyed it from arrival to departure. The driver was really sweet and informative about the area while driving from the airport to the Resort. – TripAdvisor user
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