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Belize Wellness Packages

If the word spa sends you to a magical world of peace and tranquility, you may want to know that spas have been delighting and nurturing people since mankind began to walk the planet. The humble sauna is said to have originated in Finland around 7,000 B.C., and you have only to watch a documentary about Egypt or Rome to know that seaside baths, thermal springs, and other water-based resources were all considered essential to maintaining good health.

Are today’s spas simply havens for stressed-out men and women? Not entirely. Health benefits from spa experiences include pain reduction, improved flexibility, boosted immunity, better circulation, enhanced healing, and a decrease in inflammation. Will you find the greatest number of benefits at a glitzy retreat in a big city? The results won’t be as dramatic. Transport yourself to a Belize seaside resort where authentic rejuvenation experiences at Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins offer the ultimate opportunity to restore your equilibrium.

Make it a “sea and spa” getaway for the ideal experience

Belize Wellness Retreats

Fresh air, ocean waves, and tropical environs begin the relaxation process at Belizean Dreams Resort where direct access to the sea and to one of the nation’s top onsite spas—aptly named Bliss —offers every guest the ideal prescription for achieving a state of wellness. Services run the gamut from massages to invigorating treatments, each devoted to improving your well-being.

By booking a sojourn at Belizean Dreams, you can select an all-inclusive package that covers your lodgings, meals, local alcoholic beverages, and transport to and from the property. Having come to Belize to restore your vigor, and sense of well-being, and to find peace of mind, you may want to do more than book spa appointments. Opportunities to discover more about yourself via a selection of add-ons can be found on the resort’s all-inclusive package web page.

The best formula for your rejuvenation?

Hopkins Belize Spa Mani Pedi Treatment

It’s a mix of spa time and downtime noted one Belizean Dreams guest who wrote, “My wife went to the spa almost every day and I went once myself. The spa service ranks with the best we have ever seen.” Even roaming the lush gardens that sprawl across this property is restorative, and if the thought of saving money is one of your favorite ways to relax, you could qualify for Belizean Dreams’ current special, the details of which can be found here.

Your Belizean Dreams sea and spa escape is likely to make you realize how much stress you’ve been carrying around due to your hectic schedule and propensity for overly committing yourself. By customizing your stay, you’ll feel better, and experience renewed energy, and you may even look better thanks to the wisdom you invoked by choosing this way to unwind and recover. By the time you leave, you may wish to invoke the often-quoted saying that “Spa days are a necessity, not a luxury” as your own, especially if you are doing everything you can to extend your life span!

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