"Triple Delight" Chocolate, Butterfly & Waterfall Tour

Belize Chocolate Jungle Waterfall Tour

Explore the greatest of Belize’s natural treasures in a single day! Our epic “Triple Delight” combination tour provides a wonderful experience by immersing you in not just one but three spectacular attractions.

Begin by treating yourself to a scrumptious excursion at a Chocolate Farm located in the heart of Maya Center, Belize, where you’ll learn about the art of chocolate manufacturing and savor the rich flavors of organic chocolate. Then, witness the enthralling life cycle of butterflies at the Ya’axkin Butterfly Farm, also in Maya Center. See the vivid colors of the Blue Morpho and other butterflies. Finally, enjoy the lovely sights and sounds of a natural waterfall. This secluded jungle refuge provides peace and quiet among colorful vegetation and fauna. Enjoy a delicious picnic lunch in a large covered pavilion before heading back to the resort. This riveting tour mixes education and adventure, making lasting memories while learning about Belize’s critical role in the ecological system. Our “Triple Delight” tour caters to multi-generational families, assuring fun for all members, from the smallest toddlers to the most adored grandparents.

Triple Delight, Chocolate, Butterfly & Waterfall Tour

“Triple Delight” Chocolate, Butterfly & Waterfall Tour

Embark on 3 fun-filled tours in the heart of the Belize rainforest, offering educational experiences, jungle adventures, and moments of relaxation for all ages and skill levels.

Our day begins at a Chocolate Farm, located in Maya Center, to learn about the fascinating process of cacao production and the art of crafting delectable chocolate with your senses. Immerse yourself in the distinct flavors and aromas of Belizean chocolate. Learn the ancient Maya practice of producing your own chocolate on traditional grinding stones to discover the secrets of chocolate creation. Make amazing experiences by releasing your inner chocolatier.

This tour is included as an option in the Belize Eco-Explorer Add-On.

Next, stop by the Ya’axkin Butterfly Farm, also located in Maya Center, you may immerse yourself in the wonderful world of butterflies. This unique refuge, located in Maya Center, Belize, allows you to watch the fascinating life cycle of these sensitive creatures. As butterflies delicately fly around you, marvel at their bright colors, while trained guides give fascinating insights into their biology and conservation activities. This wonderful encounter will leave you and your loved ones speechless.

Finally, at Mayan King Waterfall, you can unwind and revitalize! The Mayan King Waterfall is a breathtaking place that immerses you in nature’s magnificence. The falling water and lush tropical surrounds offer an enthralling visual and auditory experience. Take a plunge and relax in the pleasant pool beneath the cascading falls, where the cool waves provide a revitalizing embrace. This hidden hideaway in the rainforest offers a tranquil respite surrounded by colorful vegetation and fauna. Conveniently accessible stairs make ascending a breeze, and ample seating options are available for relaxation and comfort, making this Triple Delight Tour easily accessible for travelers of all ages.

A visit to Mayan King Waterfall is an opportunity to connect with nature, find calm, and marvel at the raw beauty that Belize has to offer, whether you prefer to swim, lounge on the rocks, or simply take in the surroundings. Before heading back to Belizean Dreams, catch up on the day’s activities while having a delightful packed picnic lunch under the spacious covered pavilion.

Level & Requirements: Easy. This is a great tour for families with young children as well as multi generational groups.

Timetable: Tuesdays
Departure Time: 8:30am
Return Time: 2:00 pm (approximately)
Travel Time: 50 minutes each way
Duration: Full day
Included: transportation, certified guide, lunch, and taxes & fees

What to bring:
swimsuit, change of clothes, sunscreen, hat, water bottles, camera, bug repellant, tennis shoes, and power/granola bars.

Tour Pricing & Availability:
This tour is included as an option in the Belize Eco-Explorer Add-On.

It can be purchased à la carte for US$150 per person with a 2 person minimum requirement on scheduled days (Tuesdays) only; 4 person minimum requirement for out of schedule tour day.

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