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Welcome to a truly authentic Belizean dining experience, blending Caribbean, American and Meso-American inspired meals at our on-site, full-service restaurant and beach bar—the Woven Palms Restaurant & Tiki Bar, and at our laid-back indoor Promenade Lounge, both with lovely staff catering to your every need allowing you the ultimate indulgence. Say goodby to bland buffet meals, and hello to plated, flavorful cuisines that linger on your taste buds!

Enjoy a delicious breakfast spread to start your day, followed by lunch, binge-worthy bar snacks and delectable dinner selections that have all been expertly prepared by our experienced chefs who can seamlessly cater to any dietary restrictions and preferences; if you have any, just let us know ahead of time so we can best prepare.

Whether you prefer dining while soaking in the sun-kissed vibes outdoors or basking in our air-conditioned indoor dining space, our restaurant provides the ideal venue to savor the flavors of the Caribbean, Central America, as well as familiar American favorites.

Discover an oasis of limitless local alcoholic beverages options, and handcrafted fruit inspired fusions created by our talented bartenders. You’ll find yourself slipping into a state of complete relaxation and serenity with every drink.

Welcome the ease that comes with our all-inclusive packages, where every culinary whim is satisfied and every experience is taken to new heights at our Hopkins Belize Restaurant.

The Woven Palms Restaurant & Beachfront Tiki Bar

Your go-to spot for delectable cuisine—the Woven Palms Restaurant & Beachfront Tiki Bar—is the culinary heart of Belizean Dreams Resort.

Our skilled chefs take pride in curating dishes highlighting the true essence of Belize’s rich culinary heritage and American-inspired cuisines. Woven bits and pieces of various locally sourced, in-season ingredients representative of the season and the simplicity of fresh produce, complemented by blending in familiar comfort foods, showcase the vibrant tapestry of Belize’s unique culinary culture that is sure to ignite every palate. Enjoy delicious fresh seafood from our rich Caribbean Sea, like seasonally available fish, conch, lobster, and shrimp. showcase the vibrant tapestry of Belize’s unique culinary culture.

Bid farewell to typical all inclusive menus! We have nightly dinner specials with at least four main course options, each showcasing a particular aspect of Belize’s culinary expertise to keep you intrigued and excited about your next meal, including two nights of cultural culinary celebrations — Maya/Mestizo taco night and Creole/Garifuna Belizean buffet complemented by lively local drumming and dancing. Then off to our Tiki Bar, nestled on our pristine beachfront, which provides a vibrant spot to unwind while being served the best tropical blends from our fantastic bartenders. Indulge in bar snacks featuring a delightful fusion of traditional Belizean delicacies and familiar favorites reminiscent of the classics you’d enjoy in the US, but with a touch of the Caribbean. Each bite encapsulates the essence of both, adding a fresh dimension to your palate.

Woven Palms Restaurant Operating Hours

Breakfast 6:30am ~ 10:00am

11:30am ~ 3:30pm

11:30am ~ 3:30pm

6:00pm ~ 9:00pm

Beachfront Tiki Bar

Operating Hours
10:00am ~ 10:00pm


4:00pm ~ 6:00pm

Promenade Lounge

At Belizean Dreams Resort, we aim to create lasting memories. Providing a second indoor space, our Promenade Lounge beckons with its inviting casual charm and laid-back ambiance, while providing a sweet escape from the tropical heat or a cozy retreat on rainy days.

We are committed to offering a truly authentic experience that extends beyond the dining table. You’ll find an array of delightful offerings to enhance your stay at this lounge. From rich our full-service espresso machine filling the air with divine aromas ensuring that your caffeine cravings are met, to hosting exciting weekly events, such as our karaoke night, a fun way to unwind.

If you’re looking for an exclusive setting for your special occasions or private gatherings, the Promenade Lounge can be rented for private events, making it an ideal venue for intimate celebrations, corporate gatherings, and cherished moments with your loved ones. Interested? Contact us for more details.

Promenade Lounge

Operating Hours
7:00am ~ 9:30am
3:00pm ~ 11:30pm

Belizean Dreams Weekly Events

Exciting Weekly Events!

Embark on a journey within the vibrant tapestry of Hopkins Village’s cultural diversity, where you can participate in our complimentary weekly events all while being nestled in the heart of this lively community at Belizean Dreams.

Make the most of your all inclusive vacation with Daily Happy Hour Specials and Bar Snacks (4:00pm – 6:00pm) at our Woven Palms Restaurant & Beachfront Tiki Bar and Promenade Lounge! Enjoy our Taco Tuesday buffet, redefine Wednesdays as a time for families to gather for “Bonfire Night” with must-have s’mores, join us Friday for a Belizean-themed buffet and traditional drumming, and then on Saturday for an explosive Karaoke Night!

Please make reservations for large groups and families for these events.

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The restaurant’s food was delicious, not one bad meal, the staff could not do enough for you. The bar what can I say, you named a drink they made it. We even learned a few new ones. – TripAdvisor user
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