Could You Use a Belize Vacation Deal? How About Several of Them?

Could You Use a Belize Vacation Deal? How About Several of Them?

As summer begins and Covid inoculation rates make thoughts of travel to the Caribbean so much more doable, would it surprise you to learn that there are still deals to be had that give you a financial edge from now through September? Think about the amount of fun and relaxation that await you in nearby Belize, just a few hours by plane from southern U.S. hubs.

Why Belize? Because you won’t run into crowds, the nation’s tourism industry has maintained Covid 19 protocols at resorts and attractions that guarantee guest safety and if you’ve been vaccinated, visiting Belize won’t be much different than it was before the pandemic swept the globe.

But you’re interested in the monetary aspect of a Belize vacation because you need a respite that’s affordable. You won’t find better Belize travel deals than those being offered by Belizean Dreams Resort where proper timing can deliver a 20-percent discount on your stay. What better way to kick off the fall than by taking a Belize trip to rid yourself of all of the pent up stress that impacted you during the long sequestration?

How to get your due reward

Start by browsing Belize all inclusive packages on the Belizean Dreams’ menu while imagining what it would be like to vacation without having to make a single decision. Resort packages include beautiful accommodations, gourmet dining, amenities and extras you won’t find elsewhere.

Now, factor in that 20-percent discount and your summer vacation can be downright affordable. Can’t figure out a way to get away before September? No worries. These Belize travel deals may still be available beyond September, so if there’s availability, you could get this discount until December 18th if you follow the booking procedure posted on the resort’s specials page.

Belizean Dreams Beach

Too good to be believed?

Stop being so skeptical! Belizean Dreams is dedicated to guest comfort and delivering the best vacation stay ever, so you’ll receive the same remarkable service, access to onsite amenities and extras you thought you couldn’t afford if you snag one of the resort’s discount bookings. You must stay for at least 4 days to get your discount, but that won’t be a problem, right?

Bottom line is that, thanks to these Belize travel deals, you could save enough money on your Belize vacation to visit the spa, shop in Hopkins Village or add an extra tour to your itinerary. Further, if you stay longer and take advantage of select Belize all inclusive packages, you could meet requirements for extended stay discounts.

But you can’t get any of these deals if the dates you want to travel are already filled, so you’re going to have to act quickly by contacting the Belizean Dreams team at [email protected] or by calling the resort’s toll free number, 1-800-456-7150 to make arrangements. Don’t let summer get away before you’ve made time to get away to the most affordable Belize vacation you have ever been offered!

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