Why Not Work Remotely From Hopkins, Belize?

Why Not Work Remotely From Hopkins, Belize?

If you keep tabs on weekly job reports, you know that salaries in the U.S. are getting higher and job openings have reached unprecedented numbers as society tries to regain its equilibrium after the impact of Covid.

Here’s one of the most surprising results of this hiatus: Not everyone wants to return to the status quo. Statistics gathered by a Harvard Business Review study report that, “32-percent of employees say they never want to return to working in the office”!

If you’re one of them – and if you’re lucky enough to have a solid gig that allows you to do all of your work in the virtual lane – why wouldn’t you prefer to relocate to a warm, welcoming nation like Belize where the cost of living is cheaper, an easier lifestyle offers a longer, healthier life and Wi-Fi connections are solid?

Belize happens to be an easily navigable nation that’s so hospitable to North Americans, the number of ex-pats moving south are reaching record numbers and you don’t have to be ready for retirement to create a great life that includes scheduling days so you get your work tasks done before you go snorkeling, diving, swimming, fishing, sailing or exploring Maya ruins. Sound like an arrangement you could get used to? Keep reading.

But, where in Belize?

There’s only one answer to that question that is guaranteed to satisfy folks who want to work remotely: Hopkins. This seaside village was established back in the 1940s so it’s a relatively new community that reflects the exotic vibe of the Garifuna people who make their homes in this area.

Located along the Caribbean coast, this former fishing village offers an idyllic lifestyle filled with great places to eat, access to the best dive sites and it’s in close proximity to parks, wildlife preserves, and plenty of historic sites, so you couldn’t get bored if you tried.

Where to launch your away-from-home work arrangement? Belizean Dreams Resort Why deal with renting digs, figuring out where to shop for food and furnishings while getting the lay of the land than by checking into a resort offering packages that take care of your needs as you establish your remote work situation?

Belizean Dreams Food

You wonder: won’t that be expensive?

Not if you take advantage of Belizean Dreams’ awesome “Linger Longer Extended Stay Rates.” This impressive deal offers you great flexibility as you get to know the area with no strings attached. Starting with the resort’s Just Chillin’ Package, you can opt to extend your stay while you rake in the savings.

Book 2 weeks and get a 20-percent rate cut. Make it 3 weeks and deduct 25-percent of the cost of your stay. Commit to a month and 30-percent of your bill is eliminated.

These deals give you ample time to figure out whether or not this new arrangement will work for you, but time is a factor since this special ends on December 18, 2021. Read all about this sweet deal on the Belize vacation specials page to find out how it feels to get your work done minus the stress, traffic, and pressures.

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