Stop Wishing and Start Planning to Dive Belize Waters in 2023

Stop Wishing and Start Planning to Dive Belize Waters in 2020

It’s safe. It’s fun. It opens a new world that’s a feast for the eyes and soul. Dive Belize for all the right reasons in the year ahead and see what the experience does for your outlook and perspective on life.

Did you know that scuba diving is considered the safest water sport of all? It’s the reason parents are happy to let their youngsters master the sport and for seniors, diving is an easygoing aquatic activity that won’t stress older bodies.

Think about it. You don’t have to know how to swim. You don’t have to master breathing techniques and you don’t even have to hold your breath. You put on proper gear, get into the water (as shallow as you like), and head for paradise under the close watch of authorized, certified professionals.

Why mention the safety factor? Because so many people love the idea of diving, but they fear that danger lurks beneath the water. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, say experts. All you need is the right dive destination and there is no place better than Belize.

Why Belize is dive heaven

There are many more reasons to choose Belize for your first or latest diving adventure, but these four should rev up your enthusiasm and convince you no other place in the Caribbean offers a more fulfilling experience:

1. Belize dive locations are spectacular. From Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley to Ambergris Caye and the amazing barrier reef, there are so many glorious dive spots, it’s no wonder professional divers choose Belize over other Caribbean nations.

2. Choose from spots that are fun (think dolphins, manatees and turtles) and those that are thrilling–like the Blue Hole. Caverns and atolls beg to be explored, especially Belize’s three true coral atolls (Turneffe; Lighthouse; Glover’s) where shallow coral gardens, vertical walls and canyons convert new divers on the spot.

3. Air and water conditions are always hospitable in Belize. Temperatures run from the mid-70s in winter and mid-80s in summer. Everyone speaks English (including dive instructors) and it takes just a couple of hours to touch down at Belize’s airport when departing from North America.

4. Take advantage of diving packages like those offered by Belizean Dreams Resort in 2023. Located on the southern shore and in close proximity to aforementioned hot spots, Belizean Dreams caters to divers so you couldn’t pick a better resort if you tried.

Diving Belize

Dive deep into Belizean Dreams deals

Because management knows that diving is a big deal for guests eager to escape below the waters, the resort offers not one but three ways to focus on the sport while you’re in Belize thanks to its location along the southern coast and those aforementioned sites.

Opt for an all inclusive package that includes luxe accommodations, gourmet meals and amenities plus dive options built into the resort’s tour menu, book the ultimate dive package or plan to get certified during your holiday. Customizing your dive experiences is a breeze thanks to helpful resort staff.

Having just one luxurious place to call “home” during your visit, you won’t have to worry about a single detail associated with your dive holiday because Belizean Dreams staff has you covered. Won’t you make 2023 the year you stop talking about the diving trip you yearn for and take action? A bright blue world of wonder awaits. Make 2023 the year you dive into paradise!

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