Things to do in Stann Creek, Belize

Things to do in Stann Creek Belize

The 1969 movie “If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium” spoofs travelers who insist on visiting a new nation every day. If you’re one of them, pack lots of vitamins because nonstop relocation is exhausting. For savvy travelers who know that by focusing on just one region, there is so much more to be seen, learned and experienced, who needs the stress of relocating repeatedly? Instead, visit Belize’s Stann Creek District where staying at just one resort gives you access to these wonders and so much more.

  1. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is one of Earth’s only reserves set aside to stop the threat of jaguar extinction. This 16-square-mile Eden is also home to puma, ocelot, jaguarundi, margay and the loudest apes in Belize: Howler monkeys. Spot 500 bird species on high and breathtaking flora and fauna at your feet.
  2. Get your fill of waterfalls. You’ll see several during your Cockscomb visit; more during a trip to Three Sisters Waterfalls and Antelope Waterfalls within the Mayflower Bocawina National Park. Add Davis Falls to your must-see list. This spectacular 300-foot drop over granite rock sparkles in the sun. Reaching each of these falls requires a bit of trekking, but you won’t mind it a bit once you arrive at each destination.

Things to do in Stann Creek

  1. Having already delighted in your waterfall immersion, Five Blue Lakes, a 10-acre paradise of water edged by 4,000 acres of tropical forest, must be next on your Stann Creek list. The name comes from shades of blue visitors gaze upon when reaching the water’s edge. Take your eyes off this cool color show and spot around 217 bird species, Howler monkeys, tapir, gibnut, peccary and armadillo plus all 5 of Belize’s wildcats.
  2. Make it a Caye Day. The number of cayes along Belize’s coast is breathtaking. Some of the most idyllic are found in the Stann Creek District. Southwater Caye offers 15-acres of greenery, shallow coral reef, and snorkeling nirvana. On Tobacco Caye, discover 5 acres of coconut palms and soothing beaches. Every caye is unique, so see as many of them as time allows.
  3. Paint the town(s) red. The villages of Dangriga, Hopkins and Placencia were once quaint fishing villages. Hopkins is an epicenter of Garifuna life where the friendliest people in Belize reside while Placencia is the trendiest town around, say tourists and travel writers. Each has unique charms and you’ll be close to all of them by staying at Belizean Dreams, the Hopkins resort you would design if it didn’t already exist.

From beautiful accommodations and exceptional cuisine, Belizean Dreams Belize all inclusive packages are stellar, allowing you to customize your vacation so you don’t miss a thing. But here’s the best part: The resort is ideally located within the Stann Creek District, so you won’t waste a minute of time getting to all of these sites and many more. Sound like exactly what you had in mind when you planned your vacation in the first place?

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