Want an Irresistible Belize Black Friday Vacation Deal? Act Fast!

Belize Black Friday Vacation Deals

There are more myths surrounding the origination of “Black Friday” than people realize. Business Insider researchers say that the first Black Friday took place on September 24, 1869, when investors “drove up the price of gold,” causing a stock market crash.

Black Friday re-emerged in the 1950s as “the day between Thanksgiving and the Army-Navy game” that triggered shopping behavior so dramatically, the business community took notice. By the 1980s, the day after Thanksgiving had gained a reputation for generating so much traffic, store revenues literally morphed from red to black thanks to so many shoppers showing up on a single day!

If you’re both a seasoned traveler and a fan of Black Friday because you never met a sale you couldn’t cozy up to, you’ll find plenty of reason to celebrate this year because the travel industry has adopted this unofficial holiday as well.

Wouldn’t you rather spend Black Friday sunning and having fun in temperatures ranging from 82-degrees F by day and 73-degrees F by night? You can do just that thanks to Black Friday deals just announced by Belizean Dreams Resort located in the quaint village of Hopkins. First come, first served, so you’ll want to book immediately.

You could save as much as $800!

Belizean Dreams presents a special that won’t require you to think very long about whether to say yes, just as long as you’ve got time to travel in the near future. Book your stay by December 7, 2021, and schedule your holiday between November 22, 2021 and December 18, 2022. Spacious accommodations, the best food in town, a great tour menu and fabulous amenities await your arrival.

Sound too easy and simple to be true? That’s the point! Meet that booking deadline and you’ll be entitled to these rare discounts:

  • Stay 4 nights and get US$500 off
  • Stay 5 nights and deduct US$600 from your bill
  • Hang around 6 nights to qualify for a US$700 discount
  • Escape for 7 nights and get that US$800 deduction.

Belize Black Friday Deals

4 factors that apply to this discount

Like all Black Friday specials, this one comes with limitations and a few rules, a necessity when a popular Hopkins resort like Belizean Dreams opens the floodgates to discounts and triggers interest that exceeds this boutique resort’s capacity! That’s why the earlier you book, the sooner you can start packing, kiss winter weather goodbye, and look forward to your tropical vacation in the sun.

What else should you know before you start doing a happy dance? These awesome discounts only apply to Belize all inclusive packages and to let staff know that you crave this deal, you must use code BLACKFRIDAY when you book. A 4-night stay is required as well, and only new direct bookings are eligible to receive these discounts. Armed with all this information, check your calendar, and sort out the details so you’re ready to end 2021 on the most positive note ever!

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