Before The Year Ends: Experience Belize in All of its Winter Glory

Before The Year Ends: Experience Belize in All of its Winter Glory

What are you planning to do now that 2020 is fast disappearing? Dig out the snowblower? Pull out winter coats and boots? While doing both takes only minutes, it could be a longer period of time to prepare your attitude for the cold weather ahead.

How can you sing while you hang those coats and whistle when you oil your snowblower? By giving yourself a rewarding holiday in the sun before this year ends. We promise, this action can set the tone for the entire winter season and if you make your destination Belize, you won’t experience a minute of regret.

Belize is not only open for business but the tourism industry has already begun to welcome visitors eager to escape from the north. The airport is open. The beaches are open. And despite the fact that this time of year is usually the most expensive season for visitors, you can get away right now and you’ll be rewarded even more.

Following a flight that may be as short as two hours from the U.S., imagine yourself entering a holiday zone where sandals are the order of the day, temperatures are warm and breezes are inviting. Northerners who arrived in Belize as soon as the airport re-opened on October 1, 2020, can attest to both.

Where to stay once you arrive? There’s only one choice in terms of quality and luxury: Belizean Dreams Resort, the property offering a combination of perks and reassurances that are guaranteed to switch your thoughts from boots to those sandals.

Belizean Dreams Beach

Belizean Dreams was one of the first resorts in the nation to be given Gold Standard Certification, which means that Herculean methods of cleaning and sanitation assure every visitor’s safety and well-being. In addition, Belizean Dreams’ year-end deals are so good, visitors in every income bracket find that they can easily afford to make a year-end trip to this lush resort.

There’s more. In addition to savings, health, and welfare reassurances, consider the full Belizean Dreams vacation experience that is best enjoyed by booking a package. These all inclusive Belize vacation packages include every amenity and experience you crave at a single price, so you’ll know – before you pack – whether to include swimsuits, hiking boots, or both when you choose an itinerary that may include jungles, rainforests, Maya ruins, and every Caribbean watersport under the sun.

Located in close proximity to the friendliest village in the country (Hopkins), you can design your getaway to suit your personality at Belizean Dreams. To prove a point, browse these photos — to see what awaits you between now and December. Can you envision yourself in all of those photos? Of course, you can, but 2020 is fast coming to an end, so reserve your holiday right now and then get about the business of hiring someone else to snow blow your yard!

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