Are All Inclusive Packages the Only Way to Vacation? You Better Belize It!

Are All Inclusive Packages the Only Way to Vacation? You Better Belize It!

Steve and Jen spent the entirety of their Covid-19 quarantine dreaming about sunny beaches. When they weren’t dreaming, they consumed travel magazines and had picked Belize as their destination as soon as travel restrictions ended. When the Belize airport re-opened on October 1, 2020, they booked rooms, flights and headed south.

But their vacation proved less than perfect. Every time they turned around, they were taking out their wallets. On the other hand, Catherine and James had a similar experience – but they already knew that reserving a room at a resort was no way to spend a relaxing vacation! They chose a package deal where everything they needed and wanted was included in their booking. Which couple do you imagine came home most relaxed and rejuvenated?

Why Belize all inclusive resorts take the worry out of vacationing

While every Belize all inclusive package is unique, few are as comprehensive as the packages designed by staff at Belizean Dreams Resort. The hardest task you will encounter is unpacking your luggage, at which point, consider yourselves lord and lady of the manor.

Depending on the package that appeals to you, accommodations, food, local transport to and from the resort, incidentals, and taxes, are all included. But every Belizean Dreams package is unique, as you can surmise when you read details of the solo, couples, family, and group vacations. Each is designed for maximum pleasure and effortless vacationing.

Some include themed tours. Others offer guests unlimited local alcoholic beverages. Extras like private candlelight dinners and the use of a golf cart to get around are popular package features. One is exclusively devoted to diving! For a comparative look at each of these packages, visit this resort Belize vacation page to see which is an ideal choice for you.

Belizean Dreams Relaxation

Now, more than ever …

Nobody has been untouched by Covid-19, and you’re probably worried about maintaining your good health at a time you so desperately need a getaway. Happily, the Belizean Dreams staff has you covered. Having been named a Gold Standard property, this means a long list of practices were put into place in order to re-open to guests. Included in the assurances you can count on our social distancing practices, temperature checks, and cleaning and sanitizing methods that meet international health and hygiene standards. Even tours are kept to a few people so risks are minimized.

If you’re feeling better about all aspects of the trip you are eager to take, Belizean Dreams staff is adding more incentives: Belize discounts and extended-stay rates that are so amazing, you may be able to stay longer than planned while still enjoying package perks. Limited numbers of guests on premises at any given time make it imperative that you act quickly so you don’t let this opportunity getaway. Warm sun and surf await you. Haven’t you waited long enough for a well-deserved sojourn in paradise?

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