The Ideal Destination for a Fall or Winter Wedding and Honeymoon? Belize, of Course

The Ideal Destination for a Fall or Winter Wedding and Honeymoon? Belize, of Course

Sophie and Steve’s big wedding plans were disrupted by the ultimate uninvited guest: Covid-19. They vowed not to let this interfere with their plans. After canceling the lavish gala and deciding to plan a destination wedding, the two lovebirds diverted funds from ballrooms and bouquets to an experience they would remember all of their lives: A luxury stay at Belizean Dreams Resort that included both their wedding and honeymoon.

How did the couple happen upon this fortuitous combination of destination wedding and honeymoon of their dreams? They were browsing a travel magazine that described Belize’s clever reopening plan that was launched when the nation’s international airport re-opened to travelers on October 1, 2020. Then they read a story about top resorts in Belize and when they visited the Belizean Dreams website, Steve and Sophie fell in love.

It’s not hard to imagine how impressed they were as they browsed the website and read about the lush landscape, 9 private villas, ocean views, onsite gourmet restaurant, and menu of small-party tours that were exactly what they had been “dreaming” about.

Then they learned that airline carriers they prefer had already returned to their pre-virus schedules; American and United on October 1st and 2nd and Delta and Avianca were set to join them by the end of November. The two also read that other airlines would be returning to Belize in 2021, but neither Sophie nor Steve wanted to wait that long to get married.

What sealed the deal for this young couple? Everything about the resort, from being awarded Gold Standard Certification for putting into practice state-of-the-art health and hygiene protocols to ethereal thoughts of a beach wedding that included all of the romantic trappings they longed for. They even found that the staff was ready to help them with the paperwork needed to marry in Belize.

“That will never happen,” Sophie enthused as she launched her search for a dress, a swimsuit, and enough sunscreen to keep their skin protected as the two went about some additional adventures like zip lining and local tours for a true taste of Belize. “Belizean Dreams was named TripAdvisor’s Best of the Best for 2020,” Sophie added. “How could we find a better wedding destination? Our resort contact has already begun to help us with our wedding arrangements. As for the honeymoon, that’s personal!”

After turning down offers made by both sets of parents to come along, Sophie and Steve gave them permission to throw a lavish party for them as soon as it was safe to congregate with friends and family once again, and then they recruited their best friends to come to Belize as witnesses before booking all of their arrangements.

We promised not to divulge the dates they plan to spend at Belizean Dreams because they don’t want to be disturbed, but we can share this information: They have already booked time at the property’s luxury spa, made sure sports toys they love – like kayaks, boards and a scuba adventure – would all be available and every last worry they had was put to rest by staff reminding them of the resort’s phenomenal personalized customer service.