What Will it Take to Get You to Belize This Summer?

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Have you been aching for a summer vacation but the cost of gas, crowds at popular U.S. vacation spots and a desire to do something special have left you in a quandary? We’ve got the answer to your delightful dilemma: Discover Belize for all the right reasons.

This overseas destination offers you plenty of fascinating things to see, do and discover, and you can head south without having to master Spanish because Belize citizens speak English. If you’ve taken a pass on vacationing in Central America in the past because you have no desire to learn rudimentary Spanish, Belize is for you!

Home to majestic Maya cities, jungles, rainforests, and inland waterways, you’ll encounter mountains and shores that deliver an exquisite array of activity options that include scuba diving the Belize Barrier Reef, visiting animal sanctuaries, stopping at art galleries, pubs, and cultural attractions. Yet if all you want to do is sink into a hammock and stare at the sky while listening to waves wash ashore, you can do that too!

Getting there is half the fun

After a long COVID-induced hiatus, airlines have returned to their pre-virus service, offering non-stop and connecting flights to Belize’s international airport that could take under 3 hours from southern U.S. terminals. While there are no direct flights from Canada during the summer months, if you travel through Miami, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, L.A., Denver and other cities, American, Delta, Southwest or United Airlines will get you to Belize.

Once you arrive in Belize, you require lodgings that won’t empty your wallet. Look no further than Belizean Dreams Resort perched at the edge of the Caribbean Sea. Whether you crave an active vacation or want to do your favorite imitation of a beach potato, staff will be at your beck and call, and you’ll love the resort’s lush landscape that’s as soothing as it is beneficial.

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Get everything you want and save money too

If you haven’t already fallen in love with the concept of the all inclusive package, the time is now. Belizean Dreams packages take the stress out of a sojourn and include lovely accommodations, meals, unlimited local beverages, transport between the resort and the international airport, and most include tours.

Exclusive offers, available only during certain periods, are currently at your disposal. Secure your preferred dates by booking ahead of time.

Are you thinking of proposing? Is an important birthday on the horizon? Celebrate the occasion at a haven that’s big enough to give you roaming room but small enough to feel like a boutique property. Belizean Dreams is idyllic. The time is now. Don’t let this summer get away without treating yourself to a money-saving stay in paradise!

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