Belizean Dreams Resort Wins 2023 TripAdvisor Award

Belize Hopkins Resort

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Award Winning Belize Resort in Hopkins

Why is #12 important these days?

Because when the world’s most often-used travel authority, TripAdvisor, begins to compute data collected from consumer reviews, it can be especially lucky to be given that number in a specialized category like the Best Small Hotels in Central America. This category is crowded and highly competitive each year since there are more than 100,000 hotel rooms in Central America, of which an estimated 20,000 are in Belize. 

To be named #12 is not only an amazing feat for a resort, but a tribute to every guest who was generous enough to comment about their stays at Belizean Dreams, the Hopkins resort that’s becoming a popular pick for travelers seeking a respite from the world along the Caribbean coastline. 

Award Winning Hopkins Belize Resort


Wouldn’t you prefer a highly rated destination?

Why did 1,732 guests take the time to comment about their Belizean Dreams’ sojourns on the TripAdvisor site? Because they collectively admit to being welcomed in ways that made them feel like the only guest at the resort. This is especially true for those seeking an authentic tropical experience that’s not necessarily part of the Belize party scene. 

This #12 designee attracts travelers from all walks of life for more than just the welcoming vibe. All inclusive packages are so eclectic, it can be hard to choose just one. Onsite dining at the Woven Palms Restaurant never disappoints, but you may want to snack before you view the photos on the restaurant’s webpage. 

Weekly scheduled tours keep active guests on the go, and special deals can even save you money if you time your Belizean Dreams stay during specific periods of time. Not bad for the 12th highest-rated Best Small Hotel in Central America, but if you’re like Belizean Dreams Resort returnees, you’re going to insist that in your opinion, this haven should always be named #1!

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