The Coolest Things to Do in Belize This Fall

The Coolest Things to Do in Belize This Fall

Despite the passage of time, the word cool remains a descriptor to which we all aspire. According to a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) article, the term cool morphed from a weather statement to a state of cultural cachet in the 1930s and remains iconic if not the ultimate compliment.

People are cool – and so are places. Belize is so cool, it’s a mecca for Central American travelers, reason enough to book your next vaca there. Are there cool things to do once you arrive? Of course. And these 5 are just the tip of the iceberg.

1. Explore the Barrier Reef

How many opportunities will you have in your lifetime to be in the presence of a natural wonder? Belize’s Barrier Reef is the second-longest on Earth, which makes it a phenomenon even if tourists couldn’t swim, dive, snorkel, sail, and fish in the vicinity.

2. Bring a bib – fall is lobster season

Belizean Dreams Food

Did you know that lobster was used as a fertilizer by Native Americans and English colonizers to the U.S.? What a waste. These days, lobster is the epitome of gourmet food. Love this crustacean but can’t afford to eat it regularly at home? Come to Belize during the lobster season and eat your fill 24/7.

3. Learn to play Garifuna drums

Learn to drum Garifuna style during your stay and not only will you be cool, but you’ll acquire mental health benefits. Beating a drum by hand relieves frustration and stress, floods the brain with feel-good endorphins, boosts brainpower, and enhances confidence. Purchase a drum during your stay so you can continue to refine your technique at home.

4. Visit a nature park

Prepare to be impressed when you scan the list of Belize nature parks found on the list published on the Worldwide National Parks website. You’ll conclude that the number of Belize nature parks is remarkable since the nation’s size is comparable to that of the state of Vermont.

5. Visit Maya caves and ruins

Belize Maya Ruins

Historians and anthropologists agree that Maya society flourished as long ago as 2000 BC, but you may not care as much about those origins as you do about the fabulous cities and caves this society left behind. Grab opportunities to repel down into caves where secret rituals were conducted leaving behind skeletal remains and pottery. Climb monumental architecture as you tour any of the 900 sites scattered across Belize.

You want to see all of this, right?

It’s doable – but only if you choose the right place to stay during your Belize adventure so you neither waste time nor money on places that disappoint. You’ll be guaranteed an extraordinary experience by staying at Belizean Dreams Resort where management has designed tours that take all the work out of seeing these cool places.

Accommodations are luxurious and onsite dining is divine – especially if you opt for a package deal that encompasses your entire stay, including tours. See which one looks the coolest on our Belize vacation package page, and check out current specials. Saving money shows you’re cooler than the average traveler!

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