7 Reasons Why Belize Should Be Your Next Getaway

7 Reasons Why Belize Should Be Your Next Getaway

Choosing a holiday destination is never easy when offered too many choices. According to psychologists, our thought processes slow down once we are given more than 7, thus we would like to help you make a relatively fast decision to choose Belize for the 7 reasons that follow. There are more than 7, of course, and once you visit this nearby paradise, you’re welcome to keep counting.

  1. The hemisphere’s best beaches. They look just like movie sets: sugar-white sand, gently waving palm trees and soft breezes wafting in from the ocean. Belize beaches are the very definition of bliss, say avid beach goers.
  2. Idyllic weather. Given Belize’s proximity to the equator, you can leave your winter wardrobe back home, even if you decide to vacation during the winter months. The brief showers that make the nation a wonderland of greenery come and go during some seasons, but they won’t interrupt the pleasures you enjoy during your stay.
  3. Water sports on steroids. Whether your idea of a good time is snorkeling, diving, fishing, piloting a kayak or just swimming in the ocean, you can stay wet from the moment of your arrival to the day you (reluctantly) decamp. Set off to do your thing from anywhere along Belize’s 170-mile coastline.
  4. Lots of airline flight choices. Once Belize was re-opened to tourists, airlines began to flock back to the Belize International Airport like swallows returning to Capistrano. Choose direct flights from major metro U.S. and Canada hubs serviced by American, Delta, Southwest, WestJet, and United Airlines.
  5. Get hooked on the food. You don’t have to be a foodie to appreciate the culinary traditions found within this diverse nation. From food stands to gourmet eateries, you’ll have your choice of ethnic dishes prepared from locally grown produce and seafood so fresh, you’ve never experienced this much flavor.
  6. No language apps necessary. If you’re desperate to wind down and relax, why add to the stress of your vacation by having to master a foreign language? English is Belize’s first language, courtesy of Brits who governed the nation for decades and left behind legacies that include the language and the legal system.
  7. Unforgettable People. Even skeptics are delighted when they meet Belizeans, especially those who found other host countries not very hospitable. There are no strangers in Belize; just friends Belizeans have yet to meet!

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Just 7 reasons to visit Belize? That number is closer to 70, say Belizean Dreams guests who tend to wax poetic when asked about their stays. You’ll agree.

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