The Linger Longer Belize Vacation You Won’t Be Able to Resist

The Linger Longer Belize Vacation You Won’t Be Able to Resist

October 1, 2020, isn’t a Belize holiday, but it might as well be since that’s the day the nation’s international airport once again opens to travelers starved for a vacation, say trend trackers and industry professionals.

What’s compelling folks to take advantage of this occasion? Travelers are attracted to Belize because COVID isn’t as widespread as it is in their home communities and they need a vacation from the virus and reality. Others are contemplating the idea of working remotely since their bosses don’t care where they meet their deadlines as long as those deadlines are met.

Does either scenario describe your reason for wanting to visit Belize?

Location matters and there simply is no other place that matches the luxury, beauty, and amenities found at Belizean Dreams Resort. Having undertaken a massive restructuring of the resort in accordance with World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations, Belizean Dreams went to such lengths to ready the resort for visitors once again that the property received the Tourism Gold Standard accolade for going above and beyond WHO mandates.

Among the practices put into place are social distancing mechanisms, mask-wearing when not eating, swimming, etc, state-of-the-art cleaning, and sanitizing protocols and you don’t have to worry about interaction with staff when you check-in, check out and obtain services since a low- system is in place that is the envy of other Belize resorts.

Having undertaken so many precautionary measures to assure the safety and wellbeing of guests, you might conclude that Belizean Dreams has raised its prices and eliminated services too expensive to maintain, but you would be wrong. Newly-announced specials can save you money while satisfying your craving for a luxurious, all-inclusive vacation.

Belizean Dreams Pool

Linger longer and save more!

Whether you need a long vacation because you’re desperate for R&R or you came to the realization that working remotely doesn’t mean you have to stay home, Belizean Dreams has come up with an offer you may find hard to turn down: The resort’s Just Chillin all-inclusive package invites you to stay as long as you like any time between October 3, 2020, and May 29, 2021. The longer you stay, the more money you save.

If there has ever been a time to indulge in an extended vacation, this is it! Work hard and play harder from the comfort of our pristine paradise by using this code (EXTENDEDWEB) to secure your reservation. Stick around for 2 weeks and get 20-percent off the bill. Stay 3 weeks for a 25-percent discount. Make it a month and your bill will be slashed by 30-percent. Are you doing a happy dance yet?

This generous special deserves your undivided attention, and while restrictions apply, we have a hunch they won’t do much to dampen your ardor if you’re able to carve out time for a vacation. Read the details on our Belize vacation special page, and consult your calendar. October is just around the corner. Why not spend a chunk of it under a palm tree at a time you likely need an escape desperately?

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