The Tropical Social Distancing Vacation of your Dreams!

The Tropical Social Distancing Vacation of your Dreams!

While the planet has somehow managed to revolve on its axis without any glitches, you probably can’t say the same about your life since Covid-19 became a worldwide epidemic. You made adjustments and re-ordered your life but this much pressure has made you realize how many times you took vacations for granted in the past!

Time to think about your next getaway and Belize’s premier resort, Belizean Dreams, is making that possibility a reality thanks to the property’s social distancing policies that make visits as safe as they are fun.

Skeptical? We don’t blame you. It’s been a long, hard spring and summer and your world has been turned upside down — but once you finish reading about the social distancing holiday that awaits along the Caribbean coast in carefree Belize, you will realize that there is a way to grab your share of downtime feeling confident and relaxed.

Belizean Dreams staff and management have worked assiduously to meet Belize Tourism Board health and hygiene protocols and standards. As a result, the resort has been rewarded by earning a 5-star Belize Standard Gold rating that means the property has met a long list of criteria put into place to assure the health and welfare of every guest.

Belizean Dreams Beach

Your timing couldn’t be better if you’re up for planning a Caribbean vacation. With Belize’s international airport re-opening on October 1, 2020, a social distancing vacation isn’t just possible — it’s guaranteed. Should you decide to take Belizean Dreams hosts up on their offer to treat you to the holiday of your dreams, you can begin to contemplate posh accommodations, fabulous cuisine and a long list of perks.

A social distancing vacation at Belizean Dreams has the ability to be even more spectacular than your last vacation for a couple of reasons. First, your state of mind isn’t the same as it was last time you planned an annual getaway. Second, all of your health and welfare concerns have been addressed by resort management, so you couldn’t find a safer destination, as described on this resort web page.

Your first post-quarantine holiday will be everything you’ve been dreaming about and more. Bookings are flooding in, so you the sooner you act to make a reservation, the sooner you can take advantage of end-of-the-season swimsuit sales! Unmatched special offers combined with all inclusive packages are sure to deliver fun, sun, and savings! Explore the best vacation deals and get ready for the ultimate escape at Belizean Dreams Resort.

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