6 Reasons A Visit To Belize is (Really) Good For Your Health

6 Reasons A Visit To Belize is (Really) Good For Your Health

A Belize Visit Can Dramatically Improve Your Health!

Scientists, medical professionals, and therapists prescribe all sorts of drugs to patients in need of physical and mental treatments, but for folks who prefer to try everything else before turning to pharmaceuticals, turning to Mother Nature’s remedies often does the trick.

Consider the therapeutic benefits of the sun, fresh air, and beach time. All it takes is a couple of hours to relax and soak in the salt sea air and before you know it, all of the stressors that tied you up in knots disappear in the sunshine of a gorgeous day.

Where to go to get the best therapy on the planet? How about Belize? You won’t lose your temper on a long plane ride because it only takes hours to reach your destination. Once you land, the sheer number of natural wonders that delight all of your senses will drown out your worries. Even Belize’s rainforests are like natural medicine cabinets where herbs, roots, and leaves used to make homeopathic medicines grow wild for the picking.

Sound good? We see you nodding your head but you’re worried that the good health that you have worked so hard to maintain throughout the COVID epidemic could be compromised if you leave the safety of your home. We suggest a place that’s safer: Belizean Dreams Resort, an elegant property ready to cater to your every whim.

Having recently been named a gold standard Belize Tourism Board certified hotel, you can count on the implementation of a long list of health and safety measures designed just for guests’ protection. Read the details here. From contactless booking & low-contact check-in to social distancing and mask-wearing (not while eating, drinking or swimming), every protection under the sun awaits your visit.

Belizean Dreams Beach

Belize Reopening to Tourists on Oct. 1 

Since Belize’s international airport re-opens on October 1, 2020, you don’t have to dream about gleaning health benefits because you can come down and get them in person. Here are 6 all-natural remedies you can take advantage of from the moment you arrive:

  1. Eliminate job burnout by engaging in the plethora of recreational activities Belize offers.
  2. Vitamin D absorbed into your skin not only protects your heart but your bones, too.
  3. Walking on a warm, sandy beach is an ideal way to exercise your feet and boost your circulation
  4. For people suffering bouts of insomnia triggered by stress, a day on the beach equals a sound night’s sleep.
  5. Scientists have proven that taking a vacation raises a person’s HQ (that’s happiness quotient).
  6. Lungs benefit from salt air. When last did you breathe deeply, feel your lungs expand, and then utter a sigh of relief?

Our list is just the beginning and to sweeten your expectations, here’s a perk that could morph you from depressed to a happy dancer: Belizean Dreams is offering impressive discounts and deals just for tired souls like you — with discounted package rates to extended-stay programs guaranteed to make you feel like a million bucks, there’s a very good chance you’re feeling better already.

Now, all you have to do is make a reservation, book a flight, and tell your friends that you’re heading to the Caribbean on doctor’s orders.

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