Maya Temples, Jungle Tours, and Beaches: The Ultimate Belize Experience

The Ultimate Belize Experience

Quick: Name a vacation destination that’s close to home, warm year-round, where people converse in English while touring Maya temple ruins before splashing in the surf at a Caribbean resort? It’s harder than you think. Neighboring nations are landlocked. You’ll need a language app to converse intelligently and only Belize delivers delightful, affordable, and fun-filled experiences visitors write home about.

Before launching your action-packed adventure that starts the ultimate Belize getaway experience, you need lodgings that benefit your desire to be spoiled appropriately by staff trained in the art of pleasing guests. Look no further than Belizean Dreams Resort located in Hopkins Village where temples, tours, and tides can fill your itinerary.

Maya Temples 

They’re everywhere you turn. While Belize is approximately the size of Vermont, this Central American country has 900+ ancient ruins (and archaeologists are still digging). Of course, temples are in the eye of the beholder and while Belize is believed to be at the hub of the Maya Empire, this clever society built more than temples. Take either of the scheduled Belizean Dreams Maya ruin tours and prepare to be awestruck by ball courts, stele, and stately architectural marvels.

Jungle Tours

We recommend sitting down before accessing this link because the number of tours on the Belizean Dreams Resort menu is packed with variety. Tour choices include diving, snorkeling, fishing, jungle hiking, cave tubing, repelling, zip lining, wildlife and river excursions, and jungle horseback riding. Further, no destination in the Western Hemisphere compares to Belize when it comes to birding experiences.

Beaches & Tides

You may not recall Geoffrey Chaucer’s quote but it bears repeating as you plan your Belizean Dreams escape: “Time and tide wait for no man.” Sojourn at this boutique property and you’ll neither care about the passage of time nor will you be able to hold on to any stress you may have brought with you as you listen to waves kiss the resort’s beach. You’ll sleep like a baby since accommodations are close to the shore and even if your lone desire is occupying a beach hammock while listening to waves roll in, expect to feel restored and re-energized.

Belize Vacations

Tremendous extras

Guests flock to the resort’s spa, swimming pool, and nearby Hopkins where days and nights are awash in fun, cultural delights, and excitement, but that’s not all you can count on during your splendid tropical getaway. Meals prepared by local chefs are exceptional at Belizean Dreams and they’re included with the Belize all inclusive packages that bundle arrangements for a single price.

Spring has come to the Caribbean. That means crowds disappear, rates drop, airline flight discounts are as abundant as flowers, and Belizean Dreams deals are guaranteed to remove any reason you’ve come up with for taking a pass on the holiday you crave. Belize jungles invite your curiosity. Surf’s up. Those temples await. No wonder this combination of comfort and natural beauty earns the word “ultimate” from travel experts, magazine editors, and guests. Come for a visit and you’ll agree.

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