How to Visit the Best Mayan Ruins in Belize

How to Visit the Best Mayan Ruins in Belize

Eager to visit all of the best Maya ruins in Belize? Plan to make it a long vacation because there happens to be around 900 of them, and archaeologists are still digging. Belize is so small, seeing lots of them is easy and visiting the best Maya ruins in Belize comes with perks. Everyone speaks English and the plane ride south takes just a few hours, so you get even more sightseeing time.

Sound like the kind of vacation that intrigues you? It can be, especially if you stay at Belizean Dreams Resort where the property’s pre-planned Belize tours take you to a selection of most exciting ruins in the nation. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Xunantunich tour

Belize Maya Ruin

One of Belize’s most often-visited sites, the journey to Xunantunich begins with a mini-tour of Belize’s verdant landscape along the Hummingbird Highway that lands you at a vast city where pyramids, plazas and stelae tell tales of the once-great ceremonial center dominating the landscape. Climb to the summit of El Castillo, the ruin’s tallest point, for breathtaking aerial views of Belize and Guatemala. This full day tour includes lunch, transport, incidentals, a guide and all of the memories you can make.

Lubaantun and Nim Li Punit tours

This full day adventure starts with a stop at the Belize Spice Farm and Botanical Garden and then continues to the Maya Mountain foothills where the Ni Li Punit site awaits. Study mysterious stelae inscriptions before continuing on to Lubaantun, the largest ruin of its kind in southern Belize. You’ll spot huge differences between this ruin and architecture at Xunantunich and Nim Li Punit: No mortar was used to secure the limestone blocks and your tour guide can fill you in on how this was done. Transport, lunch and fun are included during this full day of exploration.

Make it happen, curious traveler!

Belizean Dreams Resort, located close enough to the town of Hopkins to give you additional ways to indulge your interest in Belizean culture, dining and attractions, is the place to stay because when you’re not in search of the past, you’ll find this Belize beach resort to be everything you seek, especially if you choose an all-inclusive package that includes select Belize tours.

Savvy travelers know that by choosing a package from this Belize beach resort’s menu, every detail of a stay is covered so you have additional time to explore Hopkins knowing that your vacation includes delicious meals, unlimited local beverages, lovely accommodations and plenty of onsite activities that are so diverse, you’ll enjoy every moment of your relaxing visit.

Obviously, you’re up for adventures or you wouldn’t be fascinated by the idea of seeing the best Maya ruins in Belize, so explore all of the Belizean Dreams packages to see which appeals most and do your homework. There lots of books that give you in-depth looks at Belize’s Mayan culture, so pick one out. Just don’t plan to finish it during your flight south. The journey won’t be long enough to get you to the last page!

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