3 Reasons Now is the Best Time to Visit Belize

3 Reasons Now is the Best Time to Visit Belize

Ever think seriously about the word time? Scholars have. According to Robert Gilman, founder of the Context Institute, the concept of time impacts every activity we undertake, and while material goods and skills are important, “I’ve come to feel that perhaps the least understood is time,” Gilman adds.

For travelers, time came to a standstill during the previous year as the “activity” they most loved came to a halt, burdened by health fears, sequestration, and dramatic changes in travel habits. What freed you? The Covid vaccine. Time to get back to the activity you love most: planning your next vacation.

Now’s the best time to visit Belize and here’s why: 

Reason #1: The skies are opening up. We’re not referring to nurturing rains that keep Belize’s topography lush and in bloom. We’re talking airline route activity now that Belize is again welcoming tourists. Alaska Airlines just introduced direct flights to Belize from U.S. West Coast cities, Delta added a Minneapolis-to-Belize flight, and United Airlines has increased its flights to Belize, too.

Reason #2: Society is opening up. For travelers eager to return to Belize and those who have yet to discover the nation’s unique personality, there’s no better time than now to book a resort in addition to flights. At the moment, Belizean Dreams Resort, located in Hopkins, is guaranteed to make the most of the time you spend in this area.

Reason #3: Your world is opening up. Having come through the pandemic, you probably see both the world and time differently. You wouldn’t be the first person to acknowledge the precious nature of time in light of what you lived through, which is why a Belize trip can give you an opportunity to see the world from a new perspective.

Belizean Dreams Pool

Belizean Dreams – where time stands still but you won’t

Belizean Dreams is all about making the most of time, reason enough to choose one of the resort’s all-inclusive vacation packages. Peruse the property’s Belize vacation package menu to see which is most likely to deliver the time of your life. Every decision about your stay is covered: accommodations, onsite dining, alcoholic beverage perks, round trip transfers to Hopkins, and tours associated with your pick.

During your sojourn on the property, spending time in Hopkins adds dimension to your Belize experience if you have an interest in meeting the most welcoming people on earth. You’ll learn more about the culture and history of diverse societies that represent the nation’s exotic ethnic mix, see breathtaking wonders and find out why Belize is Mother Nature’s playground.

The weather’s warm and who doesn’t love the idea of vacationing at a luxurious resort offering travel deals in return for spending more time on the property? The time has come to break free of your Covid mindset during a much-needed vacation in Belize where wearing a watch is an option, not a requirement!

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