Why You Should Choose Belize All Inclusive Resorts for Your Next Belize Vacation!

Why you should choose an All Inclusive Belize Vacation!

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Most people are under the assumption that arranging a vacation at Belize all inclusive resorts is restricting and way too expensive but we have to respectfully disagree.

An all inclusive Belize resort allows guests to enjoy a hassle-free stay. This option offers you a rate for an inclusive package with a list of specific amenities that will be available to you during your stay in Belize. This basically eliminates the “wallet-shock” that most guests who book “room-only” vacations experience. It also allows you to plan your vacation with a specific budget in mind. This budget will rarely be exceeded with an all inclusive vacation.

A pool is part of the amenities offered by Belizean Dreams - one of the Belize all inclusive resorts located in Hopkins.

Regardless of which one of the Belize all inclusive resorts that you choose, it is important to review your chosen vacation package before booking. Some people are under the impression that an all inclusive package means that everything is included in their package. Most resorts in Belize are different and therefore their packages inclusions vary. Often times there are packages that do not include any tours, like our Just Chillin’ Package, because it was created specifically for travelers who are looking to book a relaxing vacation. Also there are packages, such as our Mayan Jungle & Beach Package, which includes tours because it was created for adventurous travelers. International flights are almost never included as an add-on in a Belize all inclusive vacation. If you have your heart set on scuba diving at one of the three Atolls in Belize or having a day at the spa, there will be additional charges.

A Mayan ruin that can be seen as part of the tours available at Belizean Dreams resort.

Booking an all inclusive vacation doesn’t mean you will get stuck eating buffet meals. Most all inclusive resorts have just one restaurant but with an ever-changing menu that’s primed for gourmet dining. At the Belizean Dreams Resort restaurant, in Hopkins, we offer a small menu of two options per each meal which offers our guests a choice of two substantial delicious meals made by our world class chef with various choices every day for a full seven days.

A picture of a Belizean meal that is included as part of a stay at Belizean Dreams - one of the best Belize all inclusive resorts in Hopkins.

All inclusive resorts do not mean that you won’t get value for your money. It depends on the destination, the season and the type of traveler you are. Some destinations, such as Belizean Dreams, allow you all package amenities at a discounted rate and almost all our travelers get the chance to enjoy all the amenities during their stay with us.

Belizean Kayak

Ultimately, it really depends upon the traveler, for example, if you’re a honeymoon couple and you need to know your costs or you don’t want to think about anything on your honeymoon, then an all-inclusive is great. But if you are an independent type who likes to explore and try out local restaurants, then staying at an all-inclusive resort may be a harder decision. However, luckily for you there are Belize all inclusive resorts, such as Belizean Dreams, that offer a truly Belizean experience by offering local cuisine at their Woven Palm Restaurant and adventure tours throughout the entire country.

Belizean Local Food

For help booking an all-inclusive vacation, contact our Reservations Team.