Why vacation in Belize in 2015?

Why vacation in Belize in 2015?

Looking for the perfect combination of Romance & Relaxation, or Jungle & Island Adventures? Then you better Belize it!

Belize is a unique combination of both a Central American and a Caribbean Country. But Belize isn’t over-crowded, like near-by vacation hot-spots in Mexico, which makes it the ideal place to relax, unwind and indulge in adventure. Resorts, like Belizean Dreams, offer you relaxation, or romance, combined with enjoyable adventures. This means visiting Belize in the style of Belizean Dreams All Inclusive  Beach Resort is the ideal vacation for any traveler.

Still not convinced?


  1. Belize is less crowded than some other beach destinations…

     Belize Beach Activities

    Belize only sees about 300,000 tourists for the entire year, while our competitor Mexico typically plays host to 23 million tourists annually. Belizean Dreams’ location in Hopkins, Belize means even less crowds, since Hopkins only has a population of about 1,500 friendly locals.

  2. In Belize it’s easy to Disconnect!

    Belizean Dreams Upstairs Room

    Relaxing in sweet seclusion while staying in Belize sounds like perfection to us. Belizean Dreams is located on the southern end of Hopkins, making it secluded enough to give you that much needed separation and allow you to unplug from the world. Also, at Belizean Dreams there are no annoying phones in your room, so you are able to enjoy sheer relaxation without interruption.

  3. Belize has the coolest ocean sinkhole ever, The Great Belize Blue Hole!

    Belize Blue Hole

    The Great Blue Hole, one of the 8 wonders of the world, is located in our Caribbean Sea at the Lighthouse Reef Atoll. This sinkhole supposedly holds clues that explain the collapse of the Mayan civilization. It also happens to be only one of the 3- Atolls in Belize.

  4. Going there will fulfill your “Breaking Bad” fantasies…

If you’re a fan of Breaking Bad, you’ll probably remember that moment in the series when Saul Goodman asks Walter White if he’s thought about sending Hank Schrader on a trip to Belize. Now, we invite you to send yourself to Belize and explore the beauty that is Belize!

  1. There are incredible Mayan ruins to explore!

    Left click on image and drag to explore the view!

Views: The top of El Castillo at Xunantunich, Belize

Belize is blessed with mountains and beaches, but this jewel has its fair share of incredible archaeological wonders too. Our Mayan Temples, often referred to as Mayan Ruins, are spread across the country. One of the most popular Mayan Temples is Xunantunich. In fact, it’s requested so often that Belizean Dreams has opted to include it as a part of two of their All Inclusive Packages under the Mayan Beach Jungle and Vista Package so that travelers can get an up close and personal look.

  1. Belize is snorkeling paradise!

    Sea Turtle Belize

    Often times Australia’s Great Barrier Reef gets all the hype, but Belize has the right to boast the second longest coral reef in the world! The Belize Barrier Reef is approximately 185 miles of coral formations and home to more than 500 kinds of fish, and the world’s largest population of West Indian manatees! With an exclusive Snorkeling & Island Hopping Tour that takes you snorkeling at the Belize Barrier Reef in waters of about 60-90 degrees, and then off to lunch at a private island, Snorkeling with Belizean Dreams is a must!

  2. You can hike a National Monument!

    Pea of Mountain in Belize Tour

    Victoria Peak is the 2nd highest peak in Belize. This natural monument is not only gorgeous but it’s also protected. Since it takes about 3-4 days to complete the hike to the top, Belizean Dreams offers you’re the opportunity to view this magnificent peak while exploring one of the world’s only jaguar preserve. So pack your bags and take a hike!

  3. Because Frommers said so!

    Frommers Belize

    Pauline Frommer, of the popular publication Frommer’s Travel Guide, was a guest on Good Morning America. When asked what her pick was for International Travel in 2015 she said “We are suggesting Belize this year, it is a life affirming destination, glorious pristine rainforests, gorgeous nature, incredible water sports! But is also has Mayan Ruins… “Frommer’s Travel Guide picked Belize and so should you!