TOP 10 reasons to visit Belize!

Top 10 Reasons to visit Belize

Belizean Dreams Resort offers a natural haven to appease your desire for exciting adventureexquisite foods, and exposure to a world of unique cultures. A country which offers both beauty in its environment and people, is definitely a country worth visiting. And who knows, with the no-tax perks for retirees, it could eventually become a country worth living in. Here are just 10 of the many reasons why you should visit Belizean Dreams for your next vacation…

1. MAYAN ruins! Trust us, they’re not only for archaeologists.

Mayan Ruin Horses

2. The FOOD… and the great thing is, it’s not only local food. You’ll get international cuisines with a Caribbean twist.

Caribbean Food

3. DIVING the Belize Barrier Reef… a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

4. Great FISHING experience… The grand slam!

Belizean Fishing

5. SNORKELING… get your water surface view of marine life in Belize.

Belize Barrier Reef

6. ISLAND living…  It’s an easy living, kick your shoes off and enjoy the beach!

Belizean Beach

7. JUNGLE hiking… waterfalls, bird watching, jaguar spotting fun!


8. CAVE tubing… float through the mysterious hallows of the Mayan Mountains.

Cave Tubing

9. AGRO-TOURISM… experience the making of Mayan chocolate, and yes, taste it too!

Making Chocolate

10. CULTURE… Belize is a melting pot of rich ethnicities – come experience it for yourself.

Belizean Culture