Belize: Better than the Riviera Maya!

Belize better than the Riviera Maya

Skip the crowds… and come join us in Belize!

Belize better than the Riviera Maya

If you enjoy the Riviera Maya, you’ll enjoy vacationing in Belize even more! Belizean Dreams’ all-inclusive packages offer much more than just sun, sand, and sea. And when I say sand, I mean the one that Mother Nature blessed us with. No artificial “nature” here! Belize is rich in diverse culture and everywhere is surrounded by natural and amazing flora and fauna. No wonder the people here call it “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret.” And nothing beats the feeling of serenity and peace on your own stretch of pristine beach on one of Belize’s beautiful white sand cayes (islands)!

Belize’s coast stretches along the Caribbean Sea, but shares connection with the Yucatan Peninsula. That makes its beauty somewhat similar to the Riviera Maya. However, Belize is unique for being both Central American and Caribbean. As a neighbor to both Mexico and Guatemala, it gives a little island flavor to its Central American location. As a former British colony, Belize has strong ties to its Caribbean island neighbors and is the only English-speaking country in Central America. Instead of being treated like just another number at a Cancun mega resorts, come enjoy our personalized all inclusive adventure packages at Belizean Dreams for the best in service and quality!

Belize is known for its beautiful islands and breath-taking barrier reef, which is the second largest living coral reef in the world, mind you. White sand beaches provide a serene location for sunbathing, beach combing, or doing whatever you beach lovers enjoy. All the striking shades of blue in the sea leave you desperate to go snorkeling, diving, or kayaking. And don’t get me started on the fishing! The most popular sea sport in the region is one of the most enjoyable activities offered in Belize. Where’s the best place in the southern Belize to go fishing? Hopkins!

For starters, Hopkins Village is a fishing community. So many people in this small, yet remarkable village are very knowledgeable of the water sport. Belizean Dreams Resort offers different fishing tours that take you right outside of Hopkins to cast your nets or through your lines. But if all that beauty and excitement doesn’t satisfy you, take a day long trip to the barrier islands only a few minutes boat ride away from the village and enjoy an experience you’ll never forget. Fly fishing, drop fishing, or trolling, or island hopping there’s no better place than Belize!

Still want more? Take a look at what your eyes will behold while on a dive tour with Belizean Dreams:

Now that you know why Belize offers more than the Riviera Maya, book your stay today at Belizean Dreams Resort and experience Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret, the jewel called Belize!