Discover Hopkins Belize in November for Holidays, Deals, and Tranquility

Hopkins Belize in November

During the British occupation of Belize, the phrase “Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November” resounded across the land because celebrating Guy Fawkes Night became a custom that was imported to U.K. colonies. The night is a big deal—as it was over time. Ever since Guy Fawkes was arrested carrying explosives on that night in 1605, placing them beneath the House of Lords, this act of insurrection has been celebrated.

The folklore is colorful, and commemorations are equally so. Fireworks and bonfires light up night skies. But this date doesn’t hold a candle to the November holidays that are unique to Belize. This Caribbean nation celebrates Garifuna Settlement Day on the 19th, so in addition to the Thanksgiving holiday, visitors travel to Belize for the festivities but also because there are smaller numbers of crowds and there are deals to be had that make a visit to this tropical nation even more desirable.

Where to stay for the most variety

If the party scene is not your cup of tea and you’re hungry for authenticity, selecting Hopkins Village as your first choice for the getaway you need and want is a no-brainer. You’ll be right in the middle of a town known for its friendly people and since Hopkins is home to a large community of Garifuna people, you’ll find yourself amid all the festivities.

Hopkins, an epicenter of tropical tranquility, reaches its peak in November, so in addition to the cultural scene, you’ll appreciate the absence of crowds plus accommodations and attractions that remain at low season rates. Further, Hopkins Village offers visitors excellent access to all the activities, sites, experiences, and landmarks that make spending November in Belize such a pleasure.

Hopkins Belize specials in November

Reserve your own celebratory hideaway

Known for guest-pleasing service, lush surroundings, and myriad onsite amenities that turn an ordinary vacation into an extraordinary one, Belizean Dreams Resort did not come by its name by accident! This oasis of pleasure has attracted fans who need no excuse to come for a visit. Spend a few minutes on the resort’s website for a stunning array of images that depict what you can expect during your November sojourn.

While bookings are filling fast, you may still be able to reserve digs for any time in November, if the dates you can get away are still available. Browse this web page, read the terms and conditions that come with this, and you could stick around longer thanks to these savings.

According to analysts at, November is a “fairly cheap time of the year to fly” to Belize. They say that there are plenty of deals out there if you make plans now. If you need an excuse to justify your November getaway to Belize, feel free to use any of the holidays mentioned in this post as your reason for getting away, or dream up your own reason for coming to Hopkins and Belizean Dreams Resort!

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