Discover The History Of Chocolate on this Delicious Belize Tour

Belize Chocolate Tour

Chocolate fans are never shy about approaching buffet tables laden with desserts because they know that the world’s favorite sweet is likely to be represented in abundance. Some haven’t a clue about the benefits of chocolate that could even leave a dentist speechless: “Chocolate is good for your teeth,” per UK chocolatiers Harris and James. It has “an antibacterial effect on the mouth…[and] can prevent tooth decay.”

Skeptical? Don’t be. The simple cocoa bean, responsible for all this largesse, originally served as currency for both Maya and Aztec people as long ago as 600 BC. Originally a rather bitter hot beverage, chocolate was only available to the wealthiest and most influential members of Mesoamerican societies.

Biologically, cacao trees can live up to 100 years and have “almost 30,000 DNA genes more than humans,” say, scientists, so next time someone admonishes you for eating too much chocolate, you tell them that not only are cacao beans considered fruit, but if you eat your share, consumption could heighten your brainpower, and trigger the release of mood-boosting endorphins and dopamine.

Make a pilgrimage to Belize to learn more

Has your appreciation for chocolate grown more after reading these facts? Your next vacation should bring you to the chocolate production capital of Central America: Belize. This nation’s chocolate industry is thriving. The array of products made by Belizean businesses could surprise you. For example, Belize companies not only produce chocolate bars, but also chocolate teas, lip balm, cocoa butter, chocolate balsamic vinegar, body scrub, rums, bourbons, gins, liqueurs, and chocolate wines. There’s more, but you get the idea.

Visiting this chocolate epicenter will require the right lodgings so you can focus on your mission of indulging your inner chocoholic, and one resort should top your list: Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins. Not only will a Belizean Dreams Belize all inclusive package cover accommodations, meals, onsite amenities, and the world’s friendliest staff, but you can book a chocolate tour that will be the highlight of your sojourn.

Belize Chocolate Adventure Tour

Make it. Eat it. Make no apologies!

Belizean Dreams’ Chocolate Jungle Waterfall Tour is the quintessential experience that will fascinate and enlighten you. Called the Triple Delight because this day trip includes waterfall and butterfly ranch stops, the highlight of your day will likely be the chocolate farm visit where you will learn hands-on chocolate making, history and more.

Enjoyed by visitors of all ages, this Maya Center tour also includes learning the art of grinding cacao beans, the agricultural importance of cacao trees, and aspects of producing organic and sustainable chocolates and you’ll eat your fair share of your efforts. Since you’ll visit the Maya King Waterfall and the butterfly farm, no worries about eating too many calories. Can you imagine a more delicious experience? Soak in the fun and sun while learning about your favorite sweet. Rest assured, once you return home, you’ll never look at another chocolate bar the same way again!

Enhance your adventure with our Belize Eco-Explorer Add-On, combining the Triple Delight tour with an exciting journey along the Monkey River. Experience the thrill of navigating through sprawling mangroves by boat, where you’ll encounter an array of wildlife including monkeys, manatees, dolphins, tropical birds, and maybe even a crocodile or two. This tour is ideal for families with young kids or multi-generational groups seeking an unforgettable wildlife adventure.

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