From Culture to Safety, Belize is the Ideal Place to Vacation

From Culture to Safety, Belize is the Ideal Place to Vacation

Like every nation, there are places travelers are advised to stay clear of, and Belize, adjacent to trouble spots like Mexico, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, is no exception. That stated you’ll be happy to learn that Belize is relatively safer than these destinations, and tourists who apply due diligence to their behaviors while vacationing in Belize are likely to vacation without issue.

Common sense precautions like safeguarding purses and backpacks, maintaining awareness of surroundings, and going out—especially after dark—in the company of others are all safety measures you already take at home and you’ll want to select an area of Belize that receives high marks from visitors. Hopkins Village can be counted as one of these areas, reports Around 80% of people surveyed said they felt safe walking around alone in Hopkins during daylight hours.

Rewards for erring on the side of caution

Because you’re more likely to feel safer in Hopkins, you’ll be rewarded big time for sticking to this mellow, laid-back slice of heaven along the Caribbean shoreline in southern Belize. These are but a few of the reasons Hopkins is the place you’ll enjoy the most fun, variety, and diversity.

  • It’s an epicenter of indigenous art. Galleries representing all forms of art, from paintings and sculptures to jewelry make a stay in Hopkins a delight for art lovers who can’t wait to add to their personal collections.
  • Hopkins is home to the friendliest people in Belize. Belize First magazine declared Hopkins to be the friendliest village in the country, the icing on the cake of the town also called Belize’s #1 cultural destination.
  • It’s the place you can chillax if the party scene isn’t your cup of tea. Expect all the advantages you’d find by staying at other Hopkins Belize properties, minus the crowds.
  • You’ll have access to unlimited places of interest. Hopkins’ visitors enjoy access to places of interest that are eclectic. From ancient Maya ruins to jungle adventures, proximity means you’ll spend more time visiting these wonders than you will be getting to them.
  • You’ll fall in love with Garifuna society for more reasons than we have room to list here! This community of approximately 1,500 people sets the standard for a welcoming society. Their ancestors’ arduous journey to this homeland will inspire and move you.

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How to have it all

An ambitious agenda is best served by choosing a resort that’s happy to deliver on all these experiences, and for discriminating travelers seeking the best of Hopkins, Belizean Dreams meets the area’s gold standard for service, beauty, and especially all-inclusive packages and add-ons.

Tailor your visit to your interests and budget and leave the work to staffers who love treating guests like family. Act quickly and you could snag a discount on a stay that can take place any time before December 18, 2024. Safety. Savings. Serenity. Does it get any better?

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