Belize Adventures Made Easy with Our All Inclusive Packages

Belize Adventures Made Easy with Our All Inclusive Packages

You’ve worked hard your entire life and now it’s time to explore the many wonders of the world and enjoy yourself. The travel bug has hit you and we say you “betta BELIZE it!” After all, Belize is home to an unparalleled variety of adventure tours, both on land and sea. From the largest living barrier reef to ancient Maya ruins and cave systems, Belize is an adventure seeker’s paradise. Here at Belizean Dreams Resort, you can choose any number of Belize adventure tours – all equally giving you access to the best of all there is to see and do in our beautiful country. We offer over a dozen adventure tours throughout Belize with impeccable insight and the very best experienced guides.  In fact, our knowledgeable guide’s enthusiasm is infectious. Here are some places that you truly deserve to experience in Belize …

Belize Mayan Ruin Tour

No history of Belize would be complete without mentioning the Maya people. The Mayas are one of the oldest classical civilizations throughout Meso-America, with Belize being in the heartland of the ancient Maya world. A true testament to their enduring civilization is the architectural infrastructure – the Maya temples which have withstood the test of time and many of which remain intact today dotted along mainland Belize.

At Belizean Dreams Resort, the Mayan ruin tours are a must do for any traveler seeking a deep understanding of this ancient Maya civilization.  We offer two Mayan ruin tours, take a journey across the Mopan River on a hand-cranked ferry to one of the most notable maya temples, Xunantunich or take a drive to southern Belize to explore the sites of Lubaantun & Nim Li Punit. Our tours to these Maya sites boasts several plazas, stelae, and magnificent views. Not to mention, the opportunity to climb one of the tallest recorded structures in Belize known as El Castillo!

Belize Cave Tubing

Apart from the iconic Maya temples, other Maya sites include the sacred cave systems. Caving throughout the immense underground systems is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that is said to have been a halfway point between the living and the dead.

Among our Belize adventure tours is a unique combination excursion where you can enjoy both cave tubing and ziplining through the rainforest canopy. Traverse atop trees as you dangle 80 feet above the forest floor – skies the limit! After working up a sweat, begin your descent into the mysterious underworld with our cave tubing adventure.

Belize Rappelling

Belize’s extensive cave systems and dense jungles make for the ultimate rappelling adventures. Adrenaline junkies are particularly fond of rappelling tours as it is a perfect mix of nature, thrill, and speed. Here at Belizean Dreams Resort we offer several rappelling adventure tours ranging from waterfall rappelling to black hole drops.

Belize Hiking

With a vast majority of Belize’s land protected as natural parks and reserves, there are a multitude of jungle hiking treks waiting to be explored. Two of the most popular jungle hiking trails are located in southern Belize, just a few minutes away from Belizean Dreams Resort and included in our tour options.  These jungle hiking tours are Cockscomb Basin Preserve and the Mayflower Bocawina National Park.

Belize Wildlife

In addition to Belize’s vast jungle are exotic wildlife species that can be found throughout the country. Scenic river tours are a great way to spot numerous animals in their natural habitat. While cruising through the Belize rivers, be on the lookout for monkeys, manatees, dolphins, tropical birds, and the occasional crocodile. See a full list of our Belize river and wildlife tours here.

Belize Birds

Belize is an ideal setting for birdwatching, offering birders the opportunity to observe over 570 species of our feathered friends. A few examples of the many birds of Belize that you will see on our birdwatching tours include: keel-billed toucans, green herons, hummingbirds, and parrots.

Belize Horseback

Belizean Dreams Resort offers specialty horseback riding tours through the hills of southern Belize. Saddle up and be prepared for an adventure! During the horseback ride, our guides will be sure to point out various plant and wildlife species.

Belize Fishing

Many guests travel from near and far for fishing in this beautiful jewel called Belize. The barrier reef is a nesting place for fish such as red and yellowtail snappers, jack, barracuda and blue marlin also known as king fish just to name a few. Belize offers great fishing all year long as many fishing fanatics tend to wonder what time of the year is best to fish. Belizean Dreams offers two types of fishing: Reef fishing where guest can enjoy a half day tour with one of our trained guides to cast their reel in the beautiful waters and whatever is caught can be taken back to the resort for the kitchen staff to prepare for dinner. The second type of fishing tour offered is fly fishing where our fly fishing guide will take you to some of the most popular flats along the barrier reef where guests can fly fish for permit, bonefish and tarpon. This type of fishing is catch and release it is considered sport fishing.

Belize Snorkeling

Belize’s barrier reef is considered the largest barrier reef in the Atlantic Caribbean and the second largest in the world. Guests travel from all around the world for snorkeling at the barrier reef. The Belize barrier reef inhabits more than 500 fish species and is home to many rare species such as grouper, hammerhead sharks, eel, dolphins, octopus, barracuda and the yellowtail snapper to name a few. Guest can take advantage of our snorkeling tours offered on Tuesday and Friday.

Belize Diving

Diving in Belize should be on every diver’s bucket list, and with us…let’s just say it’s a must!  Belize is a world-class dive destination and is known for its 372 square miles of barrier reef which was declared a World Heritage Site in 1996.  Unlike snorkeling, diving allows you to go in deeper waters to explore the beautiful ecosystem at the southern barrier reef. If you are not certified, Belizean Dreams offers a number of dive certification including Discover Scuba where you can learn the basics and dive a depth of 40 feet to be able to have that experience. See additional information about our scuba diving certification courses here.

Our Belize adventure tours are ideal for travelers from all walks of life seeking a variety of thrilling experiences on their Belize vacation. Belize is a melting pot of unique and exciting adventures, it’s a place where you can trek the dense tropical rainforest one day and explore the diverse coral reef the next. Come experience the ultimate Belize adventure during your stay at our beautiful all inclusive resort.