Start Planning Your 2020 Belize Vacation Right Now

Start Planning Your 2020 Belize Vacation Right Now

There is no wrong answer to this question, but we’ll ask anyway: Are you a travel planner or are you the spontaneous type? If you’re the first, you rock!

Writer and blogger Laura Vanderkam takes a scientific approach when she examines reasons people act as they do, admonishing standard testing like the Myers-Briggs because times have changed since it was developed in 1943. This test, she says, now fails to take into account circumstances that shape decisions in our hectic world.

Why should you care about the evolution of this test?

Because there’s a good chance people you most often travel with—friends, spouse, family members and even newlyweds—have very different travel personality traits, so it can be a hassle to figure out how to mesh them. But that’s why these lucky people have you: As a planner, you can help save everyone money. Vacations tend to go smoothly with you in charge, because you already know benefits of pre-planning include:

  • Better accommodation choices.
  • Time to save up some cash for tours and adventures.
  • Discounts on everything from airfares and resort packages.
  • Everyone has time to put their lives in order, so they relax more.
  • Even memories are more joyful thanks to planning expertise.

Belizean Dreams Beach Kayak

But, you missed low season in the Caribbean!

Relax. You don’t have to wait until spring 2020 to travel, clever planner. You’ve just stumbled onto a deal that allows you to vacation during the winter months thanks to a generous offer that’s been put forth by the folks at Belizean Dreams Resort, located in Hopkins Village.

Why offer a generous $300 off a booking to travelers eager to experience winter in the Caribbean without spending a fortune? To introduce you to Stann Creek and show you “how the rich and famous” spend their winters.

Whether you’re planning a family vacation, you’ll be married and this sounds like the most idyllic place to honeymoon or you just want to get away from work pressures over the winter months, your Belizean Dreams getaway has only one requirement: You must secure your reservation between now and Novemeber 1, 2019. Check out the details here. Contact us directly for special deals on 2020 travel..

Sound like heaven? It is! Your discount is waiting to be claimed and as soon as you make your arrangements, you’re going to earn the respect and admiration of your travel companions, each of whom wishes they too could find deals like this one.

It’s okay to remind them as you bask in the luxury and beauty of this gorgeous resort where the Caribbean Sea is footsteps away. Or you can just lie on the resort beach, a smile on your face, knowing how much happiness you’ve spread during a travel season you once thought you might never be able to afford!

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