9 Helpful Planning Tips for the Best Belize Group Vacation Ever!

Belize Group Travel

You’ve talked endlessly about it throughout the COVID pandemic: “Once life returns to normal, we’re going to take a group vacation!” The time has come to stop talking and start planning. Group holidays are most successful when travelers anticipate every aspect by planning – especially if your group is awash in independent thinkers!

  1. Don’t rush the planning process. You need enough time to research your agreed-to destination and having decided to visit Belize, you’ve got plenty of places to check out as a group or as individuals. Planning one year in advance is ideal. Engage group members to undertake various tasks and you’ll speed up the process. Further, the earlier you start planning, the more expansive group accommodation choices will be.
  2. Choose travel dates accommodating each person’s schedule and if things heat up and you can’t reach a consensus, this is the ideal time to discuss how to address conflicts that are likely to occur during your stay. This link can start that conversation.
  3. Show you the money! Nothing spells commitment more than asking people to put their money where their mouths are. Enlist one savvy traveler to take charge of the group’s budget. That’s easy to do by choosing a resort that caters to groups like Belizean Dreams Resort. Ask about their group discount.
  4. Search for airline deals. Advance planning is the secret to getting great flight deals to Belize on major domestic carriers. Group members can book individually – especially if folks are originating from different cities.
  5. Ensuring passports are up-to-date is a crucial step when planning a group trip. It’s important to check the expiry date of your passport well in advance of your travel dates. Many countries like Belize require that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the date of your arrival.

Belize Group Vacations

  1. Having selected an all inclusive package that your party agrees to, your tour schedule is already set, but that doesn’t mean individuals can’t add more. Pursuing solo outings contributes greatly to group harmony!
  2. Plan some group activities. It’s good for morale to spend time together. You’ll get closer. Ideally, meeting up at the resort’s restaurant at the day’s end is an ideal way to share each person’s adventures over great food and drinks.
  3. This is no time to skimp on extras. Go on shopping trips into the charming village of Hopkins and say yes to relaxing treatments at the resort’s spa.
  4. Plan a “final night” party to celebrate a group vacation that far exceeded everyone’s expectations. Work with staff to make it a memorable evening at the swimming pool, under the stars, or on the beach.

This is the ideal time to start making plans for your next group vacation – now that you know how amazing your first experience was. In fact, you may all agree to make it an annual tradition for your closely-knit group!

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