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Embrace the challenge of hiking the 1000ft Antelope Falls

Mayflower Waterfall Hiking Tour
Scheduled Tour Located in the Mayflower Bocawina National Park, less than 15 miles from Belizean Dreams Resort, our friendly guides will lead you to a pristine hike through the Belize jungle. During your hiking excursion to the top of the 1,000ft falls, explore unexcavated ceremonial Maya mounds with temples and ancient ball courts hidden beneath its surface. Archaeologists are still uncovering the history of what’s hidden below the overgrown jungle.

As you get deeper into the lush rainforest look out for orchids, birds, and exotic animals. The hike to Antelope Falls is truly worth the effort. As the 1,000ft fall cascades down the massive rock face, take in the expansive views over the jungle and out to the Caribbean Sea. End your hike with a refreshing swim in the oasis - a smaller fall that fills a beautiful emerald pool, at the very top of the waterfall offering you a breathtaking view.


Timetable: Thursdays
Departure Time: 8:00am
Return Time: 2:30pm
Travel Time: 35 minutes
Included: transportation, certified guide, and taxes & fees
Requirement/ Restrictions: This tour can be very challenging and all participants must be fit and agile. It is not recommended for those with knee and back related issues.


What to bring: sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, bug repellent, camera, binoculars, sturdy hiking shoes, swimwear, water bottles, and power/granola bars

This is a scheduled tour:
The Mayflower Waterfall Hiking Tour is part of the all inclusive Mayan Jungle & Beach Vista Package as well as our Honeymoon/Romance Package.  

US$80 per person (2 person minimum)

Scheduled tours are included in various all-inclusive packages

Specialty Tours are not included in our all inclusive packages but can be booked separately by guests.

Our favorite trip, however, was the hike through the rainforest at Bocawina National Park. It’s a challenging hike with rope climbing up the side of the mountain, ending at a beautiful waterfall. - TripAdvisor user

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