The Best All Inclusive Resort For Families in Belize

The Best All Inclusive Resort For Families in Belize

Raise your hand if you buckled your seat belt in preparation for a European trip when the child in the seat behind you started kicking and wailing. Eight hours of this? Someone should tell those parents about Belize, you think!

You don’t have to go to Europe to give your kids a rousing, educational, unforgettable overseas experience. Come to Belize, located just south of Mexico and only a few hours by plane from major U.S. cities. This family-friendly nation is a favorite of parents who have learned that children as young as five can benefit from going abroad in ways they only imagined. Sound interesting enough to consider? Keep reading.

Why Belize is as magical as Europe

Planning a trip to Belize is a breeze. Flights are short and major airlines keep adding routes to this popular destination. Weather is warm most of the year, so you don’t have to pack tons of clothing. Belizeans adore children so you needn’t live in fear that your rambunctious little one is going to be scolded for running into a street shop with abandon.

Belize’s wonders are too innumerable to count here, but you can be assured that your kids will learn more about tolerance, geography, history, anthropology and archaeology than they would in any classroom. For curious minds, Belize is nothing short of a treasure trove waiting to be opened—but before you are privy to all of this excitement, planning for that flight can give your vacation a proper jump start, so peruse this CNN article for terrific advice.

A taste of what your kids can experience in Belize:

  • Snorkeling the second longest barrier reef in the world
  • Scuba diving off small atolls after kayaking around
  • Visiting Maya ruins and caves that leave children eager to learn more about this mysterious culture
  • They can try out their Spanish, but since English is Belize’s first language, they don’t have to
  • The food is yummy and the wildlife living within the nation’s jungles are guaranteed to surpass any zoo on the planet.

Belizean Dreams Kids

How to do all of this with little planning

Whomever invented the idea of an all inclusive vacation must have had kids because a parent’s ability to book a stay that includes accommodations, meals, transfers, and tours can be a lifesaver for folks who would prefer to spend their time and energy enjoying themselves rather than worrying about the details associated with an overseas trip.

Relax. Book an all inclusive package at Belizean Dreams where the staff takes care of everything. Packages make traveling as a family the relaxing, fun experience you and your children crave since all of you have time to enjoy and learn about each other’s worlds once you’re away from life’s stressors and clocks.

In fact, setting your sights on 2020 for an all inclusive family vacation at Belizean Dreams could be the best decision you made since you began having those precious kids. We leave you with just one warning: Family vacations in Belize are addicting and we have it on good authority that it’s the kids who want to return to this fun paradise most of all!

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