Spend Christmas or New Year’s in Belize – But You Must Act Now!

Spend Christmas or New Year’s in Belize – But You Must Act Now!

“New York Times” feature writer Jane E. Brody summed up the feelings of most of us when she wrote, “Maintaining motivation is becoming an increasing challenge for many people slogging through life curtailed by the coronavirus pandemic.” She wrote that sentence in May 2020!

Likely you have found ways to deal with home confinement by Zooming or undertaking neglected chores and hobbies, but are you aware of the fact that motivation — in the form of a year-end travel reward — has the capacity to help you return to your pre-Covid state of mind — especially if that reward coincides with this Christmas holiday?

Celebrate Christmas & New Years In Belize

Impossible, you think. Your list of concerns includes your health, jet lag, no money, and other reasons why the thought of taking a Caribbean vacation in a matter of weeks is insane. But it’s not only possible but probable — so don’t stop reading now.

Belize is an amazing destination and not just because the weather stays warm year-round and the country is so close, you can have lunch at home and cocktails that evening in a gorgeous suite. Select villas in sunny Belize — hours by plane from the U.S. and where everyone speaks English — have just become available at one of the Caribbean’s premier properties: Belizean Dreams Resort.

Last minute availability is rare at this time of year when rates tend to be the highest because snowbirds flock south seeking sun and fun. But take our word for it: You can’t afford to ignore current deals at Belizean Dreams for the most fabulous Christmas and New Year celebration ever.

Having been granted Gold Standard health and hygiene status as a result of implementing revolutionary social distancing, sanitation, and hygiene protocols that protect the health of every guest, Belizean Dreams is ideally positioned to give you the Christmas and/or New Year’s vacation you desperately need. Major airlines resumed Belize service on October 1, 2020, and the Christmas decorations are just being hung.

Belizean Dreams Resort

Take Advantage of Christmas and New Year’s Vacation Deals at Belizean Dreams

For a taste of specials currently on the Belizean Dreams menu, browse this link to see what awaits you if you want to travel down the road. But expect even more savings if you decide to take the leap and come to Belize for this year’s holidays.

Word is already leaking about specials not posted on the resort’s website, so consider this your special invitation to reward yourself by cutting your own deal so you can be one of a select number of people to spend the Christmas and New Year’s holidays at this luxe resort. Contact Belizean Dreams now at either [email protected] or call 1 (800) 456-7150.

If you can’t get through, send the Reservation Team a web chat message! Time is of the essence given the size of Belizean Dreams and an expected avalanche of inquiries once this news breaks. It costs nothing to inquire, so what are you waiting for? Offers like this are rare and nobody deserves a holiday respite more than you do after what can only be called a “challenging” year.

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