It’s the Ideal Time to Plan a Christmas Vacation to Hopkins Belize

Christmas in Belize

We don’t have to tell you that the globe has been subjected to an unbearable heat wave. You’re relying upon fans, air conditioning, ice cubes, and water to avert heat-related ailments, and we’d like to offer you one more way to beat the heat: Plan a Christmas holiday escape.

Sound counterintuitive? Not if you think about it. You need diversions to keep you from obsessing about hot weather while employing creative heat-beating methods like running icy water over your pulse points, drinking water, and appreciating your air conditioning vents. Here’s a suggestion: Browse the Internet to check out Hopkins, Belize where planning a December vacation can lift your spirits and cool you down.

Christmas in Hopkins

If you enjoy the peace and quiet of a laid-back town where there’s more peace than partying, Hopkins is your destination. This former fishing village has retained its charm as evidenced by Hopkins being named Belize’s #1 Cultural Destination and Friendliest Village in the nation by Belize First Magazine.

Guests are charmed by Garifuna townies whose shops, eateries, cultural attractions, and music are delightful. This town is just one mile away from Belizean Dreams Resort, the ideal place to sojourn during your Christmas hiatus.

While Belizean Dreams’ popular family villas are nearly all booked for the Christmas holiday, browse these accommodation options on the Belizean Dreams menu. Small, lush hotel-style Boutique rooms are perfect for couples who crave privacy and an idyllic year-end getaway.

Consider an early Christmas holiday

Just because Christmas is celebrated on December 25th, that doesn’t mean you must schedule your getaway to include this date. In fact, pick an earlier date for your vacation, and you could avoid high-season rates by celebrating Saint Nicholas Day on the 6th, Bodhi Day on the 8th, or the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the 12th at the resort.

Gift-giving opportunities abound—including the gift of a reduced stay if you arrive before December 18th. Not only will you have more reason to celebrate but you’ll save money while enjoying every benefit of a Belizean Dreams stay, including package rates that bundle lodgings, meals, local transport, and activities suited to your vacation style.

Christmas in Belize

‘Tis the season to make merry, after all

‘Tis also the season to spoil yourself and your favorite travel companions by making December in Belize the final highlight of 2022, especially since Belize lifted COVID travel restrictions recently.

How does the thought of lounging under a palm tree by day and being lulled to sleep by ocean waves each night sound? You don’t have to dream about it, but you do have to act by using this Email address to contact staff [email protected] or the resort’s toll-free number: 1(800) 456-7150 to secure your reservation. December may seem far away, but there’s no better way to beat the heat than by imagining your friends shoveling snow while you luxuriate on a pristine beachfront in paradise!

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