One Ancient Giant Sloth Would Welcome You to Belize if He Could!

One Ancient Giant Sloth Would Welcome You to Belize if He Could!

Bigfoot. Yeti. The Loch Ness Monster. No respectable nation’s history would be complete without at least one oversized creature that roamed the land, avoiding detection or simply being around so long, his presence is just a tall tale born of extinction. 

But in Belize, rumors of an Ancient Giant Sloth became more than just a native legend when a 10cm tooth belonging to this creature was found buried in a Belize sinkhole. Scientists estimate this creature to have stood 3 metres tall when he roamed Belize, so if you though the area’s ancient history went back only as far as the Maya cultures inhabiting this part of the hemisphere, you need to rethink the timeline. 

What did a super sloth do with his time so many thousands of centuries ago? Well, if he was anything like tourists who arrive in Belize worn out from their obligations and responsibilities that all they want to do is emulate a sloth, perhaps he enjoyed our beaches. Who could blame him? After all, he (and other sloths belonging to his generation) were also victims of climate change which lead to their extinction. 

Can you meet him on your next journey to Belize? Not exactly. But lots of his distant relatives currently make their homes in Belizean rainforests, and since the largest sloths inhabiting Belize forests weigh less than 22 pounds, he won’t scare you or your party. Besides, the brown-throated sloth sleeps around 18 hours a day, so if you arrive in his ‘hood while he’s napping, you might miss him entirely. 

Can you do your best imitation of a sloth while on your relaxing sojourn? Of course. Book a stay at Belizean Dreams Resort located in Hopkins and while you’re on your short flight to Belize, you can read more about this fascinating find.

Once you land, join other adventure-seekers by finding the perfect mix of hammock time and excitement. Dive. Snorkel. Roam Mayan ruins and apologize for mistaking them for this region’s earliest inhabitants. Top off your itinerary by sailing over a forest canopy tethered to a zip line rig. You could run into a sloth during your ride! 

When you’re not on the go, indulge in Belizean Dreams culinary delights and local libations at the resort’s restaurant. Or just drink water as a homage to the giant creature whose tooth wound up in that sinkhole because scientists believe he fell in while trying to quench his thirst. 

That said, there’s no sloth special on the resort menu thus far, but nobody will fault you for drinking a couple of toasts to this very special creature—before or after you take possession of that hammock!