A Guide to Visiting Belize Maya Ruins

A Guide to Visiting Belize Maya Ruins

You don’t have to be a history buff to appreciate the ancient Maya people, notes Christopher McFadden, writing for InterestingEngineering.com. These talented, prolific engineers and artisans are responsible for all manner of grand cities throughout Central America. Among the most magnificent are those located in Belize.

Considered one of the Western Hemisphere’s oldest societies, origin theories range from logical to fanciful and include migrations over the Bering Straits from Asia to UFO landings! These people built, invented and created one of the most sophisticated civilizations on the planet.

Incredible Maya Inventions and Achievements

You can credit the Mayas with these wonders:

  • The Mayas developed the concept of zero independently. Can you imagine a world in which zero didn’t exist? Historians regularly credit Mesopotamians and East Indians with its inception, but due to their isolation, it’s likely that the Mayas conceived it 100 years earlier.
  • Thank the Mayans for inventing the vulcanized rubber ball that enables your favorite teams to play football and basketball. The Maya built huge ballfields as early as 1600 BC and played matches with balls made of vegetation bound together with latex. Sadly, the losers may have been sacrificed to the gods.
  • Next time you bite into a chocolate bar, thank the Maya culture. The delicious drink they invented by boiling cocoa beans, water and spices was bitter but popular. Cocoa beans were so prized, they were used as currency.
  • The Mayas developed an advanced language and writing system using glyphs akin to those found in ancient Egypt. Scribes, scholars and priests even wrote books on sections of bark.
  • The mysterious Mayan calendar, perhaps the most well-known invention of all, is still being analyzed and interpreted by scholars who are amazed to find so much detail and prognostications within these intricately-designed, bas relief circles.

Belize Mayan Ruins

  • Mayan art and astronomy remain astonishing accomplishments. Astronomy was used to keep tabs on time, predict the future and portend major changes. Much of this celestial wonder became fodder for crafts made of jade, bone, wood, obsidian, stone and 2D art like paintings and cloth.
  • The Mayas incorporated religion and science. Priests filled teeth, cast broken bones and used 1500+ types of medicinal plants to treat ailments.
  • The Maya farmers were skilled agriculturalists who pioneered raised farm beds, terrace farming techniques and water run-off erosion methods that turned mountainous areas into fertile farmlands.

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