Summer in Belize

Summer in Belize you wonder... well wonder no more! We are here to tell you why Belize is the best place to spend a summer vacation and also help you decide why you should book that Belize summer vacation now!



  1. Crowd-Free Locations
    This reason alone speaks for itself! Summer is the “low season” for tourism in Belize. What does this mean? – This means that most tourist destinations are crowd-free! No more long lines, or bumping into strangers as these normally highly trafficked areas are all your own, allowing you greater privacy and comfort to roam the beach and explore the various attractions offered.


  2. The Weather
    While summer does mark the beginning of the rainy season in Belize, and hurricane season at that, there is no need to be alarmed. Even though there might be a few Belizean showers during your vacation, don’t be disheartened as there are several things you can enjoy...

    Rainy days are often referred to as “together weather.” Our love birds out there can take great advantage of this time by choosing to cozy up for some much appreciated alone time in the comfort of your room. Go ahead and let down the canopy on your four poster king-size bed for that added romantic flare.



    For the family vacationers... our 3-Bedroom Villas are perfect, as you can stay together in one place reconnecting and building new bonds over your vacation. Spend some quality time with your loved ones playing board games in your room or around the resort while you enjoy the cooling showers. Check with our front desk for all the various games you can borrow and enjoy.

    Rainy days are also a perfect opportunity to enjoy a warm cup of coffee (or tea) with a good book, but if you didn’t bring a book go ahead and borrow one from our collection at the Front Desk. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy the calming sounds and smells of nature.

    And as it normally does in this tropical haven of ours, the rain passes just in time for you to enjoy the sunshine. Now, you can take advantage of all the outdoor adventures offered such as snorkeling and diving the deep blues of the Caribbean Sea, venturing into the ancient world of the Mayans, or zip lining above and through the jungles of Belize to get that much anticipated adrenaline rush.



  3. Summer Savings
    The low cost of the summer season, like our Belizean Dreams Sizzling Summer Savings, is one of the best reasons for spending your summer vacation in Belize. Rates normally start falling from around May, remaining fairly low up until November when the high season picks up once again.



    *Added Bonus

  4. Lobster Season!
    June marks the opening of Belize's lobster season... which means you get to enjoy numerous lobster dishes - it is a must try when visiting Belize in the summer. Our restaurant normally adds several delicious lobster dishes to the menu during the open season - baked, grilled, broiled, you name it, lobster will be in it!


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