Been Vaccinated? Your Belize Vacation Just Got Faster, Easier and Safer!

Been Vaccinated? Your Belize Vacation Just Got Faster, Easier and Safer!

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the news (and who hasn’t?), late-breaking updates describing the speed with which Moderna, Pfizer, and now Johnson and Johnson vaccines are being used to inoculate the public is so encouraging, you might already be among the newly protected. After a long year of being housebound and having so many restrictions put on your life, a vacation is in order!

For those who are experiencing trepidation because the virus has literally changed the way you behave and think, hesitancy may have become second nature – but suppose you could get away to a sunny, beautiful resort that’s just a few hours but worlds away from the reality you’ve been living with for so long now? At Belizean Dreams Resort, located on the picture-perfect Hopkins Village, you’ll find paradise and safety.

New protocols that make your vacation even easier

  • You no longer have to show a Covid-19 negative test result to enter Belize, if you’ve had your shot(s), your vaccine card serves as a second passport as long as the last injection was administered at least two weeks prior to departure.
  • The resort has met coveted Gold Standard mandates recommended by world health officials, so you couldn’t vacation at a safer location. For added reassurances, peruse the information posted here.
  • The negative test required by the U.S. before returning home will be administered on-site within 72 hours of your departure, so you needn’t leave the premises to take care of this important detail.
  • Because the resort is following all of these protocols, you won’t have to deal with big crowds, which means you’ll be treated like you’re the only Belizean Dreams guests!

Belizean Dreams Beach

Your long-awaited getaway will be idyllic

Given this degree of safety and security, expect nothing less than a dream vacation at this enclave of luxury and beauty. Belizean Dreams is an award-winning property known for elegant accommodations, world-class gourmet dining, and so many onsite amenities, you can stay as busy as you like or do nothing at all.

Opt for a Belize all inclusive package and your entire stay is bundled into a delightful experience that includes tours and extras at affordable rates.

Current deals and extended stay rates provide the icing on this cake of tropical pleasure, so check them out to see if your getaway can include saving money. After all, a stay that includes time spent at the resort spa could be underwritten by the money you save.

Given the limited number of guests being accommodated at Belizean Dreams at any given time, bookings are picking up because travelers are feeling safer about travel now that vaccinations are on the rise, so if you’d like to join this growing number of people eager to break free and experience life as it was meant to be lived, reserve at your earliest so the dates you want are confirmed the minute you book your stay!

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