Why Southern Belize Deserves to Top Your 2024 Vacation List

Southern Belize

How much beauty, tranquility, and excitement can Belize visitors pack into their itinerary if they decide to focus on exploring southern Belize in 2024? Plenty. The entire nation measures just 8,867 square miles (the longest north-to-south distance stretches 174 miles), which means you can see in days what visitors of neighboring nations need weeks to undertake.

Though relatively untouched and pristine, this compact region attracts travelers seeking tropical locales. They’re drawn to its lush forests, jungles, and natural marvels, all bordered by the Caribbean coastline to the east. The area boasts remarkable diversity. Within this small Belizean corner, you’ll be astounded by the myriad attractions and activities available.

1. Wildlife reserves include Paynes Creek National Park, Bladen Nature Reserve, Aquacaliente, Columbia Forest Reserve, Golden Stream, Temash/Sarstoon National Park, and Port Honduras Marine Reserve. Each represents a natural habitat that supports biodiversity from birds and wildlife to marine animals, many of which can be spotted during tours.

2. Maya ruins in southern Belize include three impressive sites: Nim Li Punit, Lubaantun, and Uxbenka. Each is unique and showcases architectural wonders that represent Belize’s fascinating archaeological and cultural history and heritage.

3. Access to caves was of religious importance to the Mayas. From Tiger Cave and Hokeb Ha Cave to Laguna Cave, mystical underground caverns are tourist magnets because they are so fascinating. From remnants of ages-old rituals to bats and awe-inspiring geological formations, you’ll want to see at least one of these magical caves.

5. Southern Belize’s waterfalls are breathtaking. Try to see at least one of these gorgeous natural sites at Rio Blanco Waterfall Park, San Antonio Falls, Golden Stream Pools or Pueblo Viejo Falls. If you’re wild about waterfalls, see all of them since they’re located so close to each other.

6. Don’t miss these other attractions: Fallen Stones Butterfly Farm, Toledo Botanical Arboretum, Punta Negra Lake, Monkey River, Snake, and Sapodilla Cayes. They’re all part of the riches found only in Southern Belize.

Southern Belize

See everything by lodging locally

Establish a southern Belize “home base” that not only gives you access to every site but is located near one of Belize’s most bustling towns (Hopkins): Belizean Dreams Resort.

Belizean Dreams is an all-inclusive boutique property known for its small size, onsite dining at the resort’s award-winning restaurant plus a long list of extras that appeal to guests who wouldn’t dream of staying elsewhere.

The resort’s all inclusive vacation packages include everything guests require during a visit and Belizean Dreams’ menu of adventure tours is equally compelling if your goal is to see everything on our list. Tap the resort’s Belize specials and save money, too.

Hard to believe one small area of Belize offers this much, but come down to see for yourself why this is no exaggerated claim!

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