When Is The Best Time To Book Your Belize Vacation

When Is The Best Time To Book Your Belize Vacation

It’s easy to plan a business vacation. Your boss says, “Go.” You pack. But family vacation planning can be a hassle. Everyone’s schedules collide so it’s more practical to pick a destination offering something for everyone 12 months a year. Find in Belize exactly the place that makes this possible!

January: Extend your New Year’s celebration. January is the ideal time to send postcards and selfies to friends bundled up like Eskimos as you sip cocktails on the beach. It’s the coolest month of the year, in more ways than one!

February: Show your love how Valentine’s Day is meant to be observed. Plan a rainforest dinner or beach picnic. Book accommodations at Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins Village where staff loves playing cupid!

March: There are over 150 hours of sunshine in March, so take in the La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge, a 4-day-long canoe race. Your resort host is happy to arrange transport to and from this exciting event.

April: Belize’s National Ag Fair hits April 26-28! See stunning produce, cheer livestock contests & discover farming’s future. Don’t miss it!

May: It’s the warmest month in Belize, but the sun isn’t as intense. Low season resort rates begin, so in return for Spring showers, you’ll still be able to dive, sail, trek into jungles and visit Maya ruins.

June: Relax on the beach or feel like royalty within the confines of your posh accommodations once you’ve had your fill of adventures. Take unlimited naps (to the sound of the occasional shower), shop in Hopkins and grab some pool time.

Belizean Dreams Beach

July: Bring a lobster bib to Belize’s annual Lobster Fest. Temperatures dip a little and so do the number of sun days, so if a shower hits, that’s your excuse to indulge in Belizean Dreams’ spa services for the massage you crave.

August: Your resort host is happy to help get you to the Deer Dance Festival, the Costa Maya Festival or you can just hang around the beach during a Belize travel month that’s known for small crowds.

September: There are fewer hours of sun, fewer people and brief periods of showers, but even if you don’t leave the resort, you’ll stay busy. Hang at the beach bar, coffee shop, hit the spa or get caught up with home via Wi-Fi connectivity.

October:Despite being Belize’s rainiest month, temperatures are dropping, warm water temperatures make swimming blissful, and October also marks the opening of conch season, so plan to swim, dance, and enjoy fresh seafood throughout your stay.

November: Give thanks for the resort staff happy to prepare your holiday meal so you can enjoy an adventure tour before you sit down to dinner. Until you’ve experienced Thanksgiving Belize style, you’ve no idea how delicious a turkey can taste.

December: Seasonal price increases won’t ruin the wondrous mix of religious and secular celebrations in Belize and you’re invited to all of them. Belizean Dreams’ staff goes all out when they decorate, so you’ll feel right at home.

Learn more about Belizean Dreams’ two-island vacation experience, available year-round. Book it and your friends will be insanely jealous.

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